The Most Common Types of Sports Injuries That Can Occur Today

The Most Common Types of Sports Injuries That Can Occur Today

Did you know that more than 300,000 sports injuries occur every year? Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, the risk of getting injured is very real. But, despite how it might feel when you’re injured, it’s not the end of the world.

After most injuries, you can expect to make a full recovery and a relatively quick return to play. With a bit of patience and physical therapy, it’ll be like your injury never even happened. That said, it can still be frustrating to get sidelined by injury.

In this article about different types of sports injuries, we aim to give you some hope. Read on to learn about common injuries, their recovery timelines, and a few tips to speed up the process. 

Knee Injuries

Your knee is a simple joint supported by four ligaments: the ACL, the MCL, the PCL, and the LCL. These ligaments ensure your knee only bends in one direction. They stabilize the joint when you pivot, jump, and run. 

Any of these ligaments can be either partially or completely torn. In a complete tear, they won’t heal themselves and require surgery. Depending on the severity of a partial tear, they can be left to heal on their own or can be surgically repaired.

It takes about six months to recover from a ligament reconstruction surgery and about nine months until you can fully return to sports.

This timeline can be slightly accelerated with aggressive physical therapy, but you still shouldn’t expect to get back on the field before six months. This is because a ligament graft takes time to heal into the joint, leaving it susceptible to reinjury. 

The other common type of knee injury is a torn meniscus, which can occur with a ligament tear or on its own. The meniscus is the cartilage cushion in the middle of the knee. It can’t be replaced, but through surgery, it can be stitched or trimmed.

To promote healing after a knee injury, make sure you take fish oil and turmeric to help ease swelling and inflammation. You can also support the healing process with SARMs from Sports Technology Labs

Shoulder Injuries

In many ways, the shoulder is a very fragile joint. The head of the humerus is only held into the joint by a few muscles and therefore has a large range of motion. This makes it easy to tweak the shoulder by overrotating it or bending it the wrong way.

This makes shoulder injuries some of the most common sports injuries. You might experience torn rotator cuffs, sprained muscles, and more.

In many cases, a bit of time and rehab will help. In other cases, surgery is necessary.

If you spend a lot of time playing sports, it’s worth taking the time for injury prevention. Work on strengthening your shoulder and the muscles that support your range of motion.


Concussions are incredibly common in professional sports. They’re caused by a bump to the head or any impact that shakes the brain. You can see them in boxing, soccer, basketball, and more.

The only way to recover from a concussion is rest and relaxation. You only have one brain, so be sure to take as much time as your doctor recommends to make sure it heals!

Overcome All Types of Sports Injuries

Although sports injuries can be demoralizing, you should never feel hopeless. You can recover from all types of sports injuries with a bit of patience and perseverance. You’ll be back in the game in no time!

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