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The 8 Hottest Earrings Trend Of 2021

Earrings Trend of 2021

Earrings are completely trendy at the moment and every year we see many changes in the earrings trends. That is why we have listed the most hip earrings trends of 2021 for you! We have once again put together a beautiful collection of earrings that fully meets the trends of 2021. So next year you can shine with the most beautiful and trendy earrings. Read here on if you want to know everything about the earrings trends of 2021!

Earrings trend 1: Gemstone Stud Earrings

We see it more and more; earrings with precious stones. Are you already crazy about gems? Then this is the earrings trend for you! Not so familiar with gemstones yet? Then it is nice to immerse yourself in this. Did you know that gemstones are rare rocks? Gemstones have three attributes, namely beauty, durability and rarity. Gemstones are increasingly being used in jewelry. Also in the hippest earrings trends of today!

The gemstones come in various shapes and sizes. So something for everyone! We now see many gold earrings with a black onyx gemstone, but we also regularly see sapphire and red coral. This color combination creates a surprising effect. The gemstones provide a fun and playful effect in the earrings. It’s a handy way to add color to your ear party! Are you going for trendy? Then choose these trendy earrings with precious stones. Compliments guaranteed!

Earrings trend 2: Chain / Threader earrings

Are you not into minimalist earrings? Then you’re in luck, because the chain earrings are completely hip in 2021! These chain earrings are available in large and small sizes. The chain earrings are also known as ‘link earrings’. Go for striking with a coarse link or go subtle with small, thin links. You can go in all directions with them and they come in various shapes, sizes and colors. Earrings with links are a real eye-catcher and a great addition to your jewelry collection. In addition, the earrings complete any outfit.

Earrings trend 3: Statement Earrings

Comeback; big earrings. We used to wear nothing but big earrings. Maybe you recognize yourself in this too. Then we switched to small, minimalist earrings and now we both see a lot! Go for real statement earrings to complete your look. With statement earrings you make a statement! Statement earrings can be worn both during the day and in the evening.

We see the statement earrings in gold and silver and often gemstones, pearls or zirconia’s have been added as well. Do you find it quite exciting to go out with big, striking earrings? Then try the statement earrings for a special occasion. Do you often wear statement earrings? Then it’s fun to mix and match the statement earrings with small, minimalist earrings for the perfect ear party.

Earrings trend 4: Minimalist Earrings

We have now talked about trendy earrings with gemstones, links and the larger variants, but an earrings trend that we should not miss are the minimalist earrings. Minimalist earrings are perfect for creating a real ear party. If you have three holes in your ear, it is nice to combine three different minimalist stud earrings with each other. Here you can play with the shapes, the stones and the colors. In addition, you can also easily combine minimalist earrings with larger earrings.

Earrings trend 5: Pearl earrings

Trendy earrings that are back are the pearl earrings; a true classic. Pearl earrings also come in various shapes and sizes. Pearls used to be caught by divers, making them very precious. Because of this, the jewelry with pearls was only intended for the rich. Nowadays cultured pearls are used for pearl jewelry, which makes the price a lot cheaper, but the quality is still as beautiful.

This way everyone can enjoy the classic and luxurious pearl earrings. Pearls come in various styles and colors, such as oxidized gold and black pearls. And then we haven’t even mentioned trendy earrings with mother-of-pearl. Doesn’t that make everyone happy?! Pearl earrings are very easy to combine with any outfit because of their classic look.

Earrings trend 6: Earcuffs

An indispensable trend of hip earrings is the ear cuff! The ear cuff is an extra addition to your ear party. The ear cuff is an ideal replacement for a piercing. At Gemistone Jewelers we have put together a beautiful collection of 14 carat gold and 925 silver ear cuffs. We have various types and sizes. A favorite is the ear cuff with balls. Another favorite are the ear cuffs with two or three rings. The ear cuff fits everyone.

You can slide the ear cuff at the narrowest part of the ear or bend the ear cuff slightly outwards to increase the size. When the ear cuff is in the right place, you can gently push the ends together so that the ear cuff is properly secured. We are also increasingly seeing multiple ear cuffs being worn. Nice right?!

Earrings trend 7: Long earrings

In addition to size, we also go into length. Earrings that should not be missing in your jewelry collection are the long earrings. We have very nice pull-through earrings. These are trendy earrings that you pull through your ear hole, so to speak, so you can play with the length of the earring at the front as well as at the back.

This creates a playful effect. Pull-through earrings are available in gold and silver. Often an extra element has been added, such as a beautiful pearl or zirconia. We also have long trendy earrings with a unique our collection at Gemistone Jewelers.

Earrings trend 8: Gold, gold, gold and more gold

Several trendy earrings have the color gold. Gold earrings are beautiful and stylish. 14-karat gold earrings are extra strong because of the gold and they last a long time! In addition, they retain their beautiful shine for a long time. Gold earrings are expensive, but you can see it as an investment. The earrings last a very long time. Don’t decide too quickly with gold earrings, but think carefully about what kind of earrings you want and also think about what you like in the long term.

Buy Trendy Earrings at Gemistone Jewelers

Are you looking for the trendy best diamonds earrings? The latest earrings trends can be found in our excellent collection! We have pearl earrings, pull-through earrings, gemstone earrings, diamond stud earrings, ear cuffs and many more beautiful earrings. We have a large collection of earrings in gold and silver. Be inspired by the latest trends and you may soon have a beautiful earrings collection that completely meets the earrings trends of 2021.

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