Succession Certificate in Pakistan by Lawyer:

If you wish to get succession certificate in Pakistan by lawyer in Lahore, you may contact Jamila Law Associates. The daughter of the deceased fourth son of the last male owner is entitled to inherit the property of her grandfather/ last male owner to the extent of her share in the estate of her father-daughter of the deceased’s brother through succession certificate in Pakistan by lawyer in Lahore. For Succession Certificate From Court & Nadra, U Need to Follow the Process of Succession Certificate in Pakistan

Owner Death:

After the original owner’s death, inheritance mutation was sanctioned in favor of the only daughter of the deceased. There being no residuary in this case, the only daughter will inherit one half as a sharer and another half by way of return. The daughter of the deceased’s brother of the original owner will inherit nothing because she does not fall within the domain of residuary.  16.  Daughter of a predeceased son. On the opening of the succession, each group of children of the deceased sons/daughters would inherit the share in his / her capacity.


Section 4 has been added to cater to grandchildren’s needs and remove their sufferings, but it cannot be interpreted to decrease the share of the other descendants. According to section 4, sharing the deceased grandfather’s property has been bestowed on the children of his predeceased son, but it does not mean that it would exclude the other heirs of the deceased from their share of the inheritance through succession certificate in Pakistan by lawyer in Lahore. Despite the non-obstante clause, section 4 is to be interpreted in the light of section 2 of the Act, 1962. Both thus can stand together. If alive, the succession opened on the death of S. R; if alive, he would have inherited the entire property from his father.

Lawyer in Lahore:

Notionally, regarding the succession certificate in Pakistan by lawyer in Lahore it would be presumed that Rafter inheriting the estate of his father, had died. Accordingly, the succession would re-open, and all the legal heirs of the deceased would get their shares by the Muslim Law of Inheritance. The contention that the daughter of R would inherit the full share of her father being the sole surviving child is against the Muslim Law of Inheritance principle. She would get whatever she would be entitled to get on the death of her father. Thus, section 4 cannot be interpreted to exclude the other legal heirs of the deceased principles of Muslim Law of Inheritance through succession certificate in Pakistan by lawyer in Lahore.

According to Islamic Law:

According to Islamic Law, the grandchild was not entitled to more share than inherited from the parents. The estate would be divided in the proportion of the respective shares of their parents. The heirs claiming through a different line of descent would get their shares per stripes. Deceased, survived by six daughters and one grandson, and a granddaughter of his predeceased son. It is, therefore, quite clear that according to Shariat, the son and daughter of the predeceased son cannot be excluded from inheritance. 

Shares of the six daughters deceased jointly come to 2/3, and therefore, the residue 1/3 will be inherited by the son and daughter of the predeceased son of the deceased through succession certificate in Pakistan by lawyer in Lahore.”

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