What are the steps we need to follow while consulting a doctor online?

online doctor consultationonline doctor consultation

With the increase in popularity and use of telemedicine, it is imperative that we work towards personalizing and upgrading routine online doctor consultations in an effort to elevate the virtual visitation experience for the patient while allowing physicians and hospitals to make use of technology to provide their services effectively.  

During a time when individuals consider it too risky or cumbersome to physically visit hospitals and consult doctors, virtual consultations can be considered an efficient way to navigate through the situation. However, it is important that individuals are aware of a few guidelines so that they are better prepared to interact with the doctor during an online doctor consultation

Understand the online consultation equipment

Most online consultations require the individual to be prepared with an online application, microphones, and video facility with a seamless internet connection to allow smooth interaction. Choose a space that allows one to interact with minimal interruptions. Additionally, being comfortable using additional features of the online consultation application, like sending pictures, and messages, attaching test reports etc. would prepare patients to be better prepared for the consultation.

Be Ready with medical history information and previously used prescription

It is important the doctors know one’s medical history, the test details that any individual would have undertaken and the medicines that have been administered. Doctors also need to know a patient’s medical history, and information on allergies or any major health ailments as this can affect the course of treatment of the current condition.

Importance of clarifying doubts

It is important that a patient, every individual, gets complete clarity about their health situation and treatment plan. Therefore, it is very important that one considers this a regular visit to the physician and make the best of the consultation time to clarify any doubts – about the treatment plan, the tests, the medicine dosage, the condition and the symptoms. 

Always get a prescription

A doctor’s advice or a medical prescription will aid in getting more clarity about the medical condition and the treatment plan. In the event that any medical test has been prescribed, it is advisable to abide by the same and not self-prescribe. Following doctor’s prescriptions will work more effectively while getting the required treatment prior to further doctor consultations.

Be prepared for a physical examination

Doctors need to be completely aware of all possible ailments. For this, the doctors might suggest one check for any pain triggers, spots, lumps etc. that can help them do a better assessment of the individual’s health situation. In some cases, doctors might ask patients to stand up and move around so it is better to be prepared for the same and sit in an environment that is conducive for movement during video consultations. 

When to decide between Online and Offline

Though online consultations are considered a boon considering the ease of doctor interactions, in a situation of a medical emergency, an individual should never delay emergency health care. In an event of medical distress, it is advisable that individuals speak to their medical practitioner and proceed for emergency care by following the medical guidelines and taking necessary precautions. 

What are the benefits of an Online Consultation?

Online consultations offer a number of benefits to patients, a few of which are listed below:

  • Online consultations save a lot of time that is otherwise spent on taking appointments, traveling to the hospital or facility and waiting for the appointment etc. To save your time get online consultation from the best doctors in India on Bajaj Finserv Health.
  • These consultations allow individuals to be in their comfort zone while they interact with the doctor. 
  • In a majority of cases, the response rate of doctors in online consultation is immediate.
  • The online appointment allows patients to choose time slots that are convenient to them.
  • This mode of consultation can be used without a prior appointment in case the patient is looking for a medical opinion from an expert. 
  • Online consultation forums also provide services of specialized medical practitioners to offer their support to patients as necessary.
  • Online consultation also is convenient when an individual wants to check with an alternative medical practitioner to take a second opinion regarding a health condition or a treatment plan. This in turn can simplify the treatment plan and reduce treatment cost. 
  • Prescriptions are simple and efficient as most generic health issues can be provided with simple prescriptions without an in-person examination. 

Today we have a large section of our population relying on online medical consultations for their health needs. This is considered effective for regular health review meetings and treatment advice unless in the event of medical emergencies.

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