Sign & Symptoms of High-Grade Cancer

Sign & Symptoms of High-Grade CancerSign & Symptoms of High-Grade Cancer

Cancer is still considered as one of the most severe and fatal diseases. Though it can still be cured if it is diagnosed early, and the right treatment is given to the patient, the chances of survival are still not 100%. The name of the disease is enough to create mental pressure on the mind of the patient and his/her near and dear ones. 

One of the easiest ways of surviving through this disease is early diagnosis and timely treatment supervised by one of the best oncologists in India. This can only be done if people are aware of it and can identify the serious symptoms of high-grade cancer at the earliest. Here are some of the important symptoms of cancer that you must not ignore:-

  • One of the primary symptoms of breast cancer is a lump on the breast, a sudden change in the shape of one of the breasts or nipple discharges. If it is metastatic breast cancer which has already spread to bones, these symptoms would be accompanied by unexplained tiredness or seizures.
  • A sudden change in your bowel system or urinary tract functions.
  • Constantly sore throat that does not heal up so easily and continues to be in the same state for a long time. Nagging cough can also be one of the symptoms.
  • If you are a female, one of the early symptoms can be unusual bleeding or discharges.
  • Thickening of testicles or a lump in them can be an evident symptom of prostate cancer.
  • Chronic indigestion or unusual difficulty in swallowing food can also be a sign of cancer.
  • If you have moles on your body, sudden changes in their shape, size, thickness, or colour can also be a sign of cancer. 
  • An unexplained weight loss or a sudden reduction in appetite is not a good sign for your body. Try to visit one of the best oncologists in India soon if your nearby physician is not able to identify the reason behind this sudden change. 
  • A sudden and new type of pain in bones or different parts of the body that does not seem to go away with time. If you or someone you know is experiencing unexplained pain in their body, it might be time for a visit to an oncologist.
  • Constant and prolonged fatigue, nausea, and vomiting, even though you are healthy.
  • It is frequently repeating low-grade fevers that come and go within a short period. This is an immediate sign of a weak immune system and can also be an identification of cancer where an abnormal cell growth has already begun in your body. 
  • Minor infections that keep happening repeatedly and cannot be completely cured even after taking proper treatment and medicines. 

If you observe one of these symptoms in your body or with someone around you, there is no point of worrying and panicking uselessly. Visit your nearest oncologist soon so that timely diagnosis can be made. If you are diagnosed with cancer, the treatment can begin at the earliest.

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