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Fix QB Error H505 using Quickbooks tool hub

QuickBooks error h505

Encountering any technical issue while operating Quickbooks is very common. One of such issues that you can face is error code H505. This is one of the critical errors that you may encounter while trying to use the company file which is no longer available on the network or your device. You may encounter this issue when you attempt to switch to the multi-user mode. The error prompt implies that the Quickbooks application has encountered some issues and it needs to be closed. To keep using the application smoothly, you need to fix the error code H505 immediately. In this post, we have explained to you the methods to resolve the Quickbooks error code H505.

Possible reasons of Quickbooks Error Code H505

Error code H505 is a common issue that one may face and can occur because of multiple reasons. Below we have listed some of the common reasons for which you may encounter the issue brscutil.

  • The multi-user hosting is not properly configured on the system.
  • The ND file present on your system is not correct or has got damaged. Because of this damaged ND file, you may not be able to access the Quickbooks company file.
  • Crucial Quickbooks services like QuickbooksQBCF/DBXX are not running on the system.
  • Quickbooks error H505 may also occur when the firewall is configured in a way that restricts the user from opening the file.
  • Other than this, the database server is unable to get the host system’s IP address or it is utilizing some other system’s IP address.
  • The next common reason can be incorrect DNS settings.

Signs to Identify Quickbooks Error H505

  • When the error prompt appears on the system, the active program may crash.
  • Quickbooks error H505 prompt appears again and again on the system.
  • System freeze frequently.
  • Your system may crash when you attempt to start a particular program.
  • The system will start working sluggishly.

Preliminary Steps to Follow

Before following all the advanced methods mentioned in the next section of the article, there are some steps that you have to follow. Here is a list of all the preliminary steps to follow.

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  • Make sure that the Quickbooks application is running properly on your system.
  • Ensure that you have installed the Quickbooks application on your server system. If you won’t install it on the server system, you may face issues while using multi-user mode in Quickbooks.
  • You will have to download the Quickbooks application only from the official Intuit website.
  • Also, to fix common issues, you will have to use the Quickbooks file doctor tool on the system. 

Fixation Methods for Quickbooks Error H505

Here are some methods that you can use to fix Quickbooks error H505. With these methods, you will be able to fix the issue with ease. Therefore, you will have to follow all the methods in the same sequence to go through the process swiftly.

Method 1: Use Quickbooks File Doctor Tool

  • For this, you will have to close the Quickbooks application on the system. Now, open your browser and then visit the official Quickbooks website.
  • On the website, you will have to look for the Quickbooks tool hub application. Download it on the system and then start the installation by clicking on the downloaded file.
  • In the installation window, you will have to tap on the Next option and proceed with the installation. In the license prompt, choose Agree option.
  • When done, you will have to go through all the on-screen prompts to complete the installation process.
  • On completion, you will have to start the Quickbooks tool hub on the system and then tap on the company file issues tab.
  • Under this, choose start Quickbooks file doctor tool.
  • Wait till the tool loads on the system and then choose your Quickbooks file. Let the tool scan and fix common issues.

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Method 2: Run Database Server Manager

  • To begin with, you will have to start the Quickbooks tool hub. You can download it by following all the steps mentioned in the above method.
  • After this, in the tool hub window, you will have to tap on the Network issues tab.
  • Under this, choose the option to run database server manager.
  • Wait till the tool loads on the system. Choose your required file and then click on the start scan option.
  • When done, you will have to start Quickbooks and then tap on the File tab. Under this tab, choose to switch to the multi-user mode.

Method 3: Move Company File to Another Folder

  • First, you will have to create a new folder in the C drive of your system. 
  • Now, you will have to name the folder QBTEST.
  • When done, open the folder in which your Quickbooks company file is present.
  • From the folder, you will have to copy the file with which you are facing the issue.
  • Next, you need to paste the copied file to the new folder that you have created.
  • Now, you will have to start Quickbooks and hold the CTRL key until the No company open window appears on the screen.
  • When done, choose to open a file. You will then have to attempt to open the file from the new folder.
  • Check if you can open the file or not.


Hopefully, you have gone through all the troubleshooting methods properly and have managed to fix the issue. If you still encounter the same issue, you can also contact technical experts to help resolve the issue. Hopefully, the article has helped you gcsecloud.

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