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Pros and Cons of using a VPN Chrome Extension

Pros and Cons of using a VPN Chrome Extension

Today almost every internet user knows how important a virtual private network is for online safety, which is the only reason a VPN is among the fastest-growing online tools. Since internet users are becoming more aware of their online security, the demand for VPNs is skyrocketing.

Developers worldwide are finding different ways to make it more convenient for an end-user to protect his online identity and data. The VPN extension for Chrome is one such way to create a secure connection between a computer and a server. VPN companies develop such extensions to help protect your data from being observed and intercepted by third-party users. This blog will cover all the basics about a CPN extension for Chrome and help you decide whether it is right for you.

What is a VPN Chrome Extension?

The VPN Chrome extension works just like your ordinary VPN software; however, it is extremely lightweight and can be installed on your browser instead of your device. A Chrome VPN extension works the same as it encrypts your traffic and routes it through a VPN server; after installing and adding the extension to your browser, you can use the powers of a VPN with just one click. Since known VPN companies mostly develop these extensions, they provide the extension as an add-on to their main service. Most companies provide additional features with VPN extensions so they can sell better.

How To Add A VPN Extension To Chrome?

Since Google Chrome is the most used internet browser, here are a few simple steps to add a VPN extension to your Chrome browser.

  • The first step is to launch your Chrome browser and sign in to your Google Account.
  • Now go to the bookmarks bar and select the app icon.
  • Then go to the web store and search for a VPN.
  • After choosing the VPN extension of your choice, click “add to Chrome.”
  • After adding the extension, click on it and connect to any server you want.

Pros and Cons of Using a VPN Chrome Extension

Now let’s look at some pros and cons of a VPN Chrome Extension.


  • Provides an Added Layer of Security –  One of the smartest ways to use a Chrome VPN extension is by using it as an added layer of security. This works because when you run your VPN extension, you would also be connected to the main VPN application. For example, you can be connected to a Germany-based server on your main application and a USA-based server on your Chrome extension. This way, a VPN extension would double your security because your traffic will go through two different VPN servers instead of one.
  • Allows You to Save Space – One of the main reasons many people prefer VPN extensions is that they are lightweight and allow you to save space on your device. There could also be a case when you cannot install a VPN on your device due to restricted privileges; for example; most work computers don’t allow you to download things from the internet; however, you can easily overcome this problem by adding a VPN extension to your browser.
  • Added Features – As we mentioned earlier, using a VPN extension could provide you with some amazing additional features. These features include things like ad blockers and anti-tracking technology. As VPN extensions are improving with each passing day, the developers also include features such as the password manager.


Everything has some flaws, and Chrome VPN extensions are no exception; here are some cons of using a VPN extension.

  • Hidden Charges – Most VPN companies label their VPN extension as a free add-on to the original service; however, nothing is truly free. Most people don’t know about Chrome VPN extensions because there are hidden charges when you opt for an extension. And if you think logically, why wouldn’t there be a price? It takes a lot of effort and expense for a VPN company to set up servers in different countries.
  • A so-called VPN – Numerous VPN extensions do not work like a VPN; several research pieces show that most internet users don’t even realize that their Chrome extensions do not work as a VPN. Most Chrome VPN extensions don’t encrypt your data and almost work like a proxy server.
  • Logging Policies – VPN extensions that are free and are not well-known are mostly known for their malicious activities. Most VPN extensions are free because they cash in on users’ sensitive information with their logging policies. With their logs, they are often caught selling personal data to third parties with the user’s consent.

Our Take On the Matter

Now that we have looked at the pros and cons of a Chrome VPN extension, it is time for our piece of advice. We recommend that you use the good old VPN; however, if you need a lightweight solution or want to strengthen your security, then go for a VPN extension that has good reviews and is trusted by the audience.

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