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If you want to see the sand dunes along with the Royal Havelis of Rajasthan, you want to roll in it, the dreams of becoming a child once again with the children that are shaking in your mind, then I would say that there is no better place than Jaisalmer! Catch a 5 pm train from Delhi and reach Jaisalmer the next day! It is a great place, but decide your place to visit according to how much time you have! Well, a lot can be done in three days! So in today’s post, I am going to tell you about the places in Jaisalmer where you can go with your family. Yes, I have also included some places in the list where I could not go, but you can think of going!

8 Places to Visit in Jaisalmer

  1. Sonar Fort: Jaisalmer

Put Jaisalmer Fort in the first place; the reason for this is that it is the life of Jaisalmer. Secondly, if your train reaches Jaisalmer in the afternoon, it will be challenging to go out of Jaisalmer! So after getting fresh, after eating food, go out to see the Golden Fort! Open till 10 pm! Jaisalmer Fort is included in the World Heritage and is one of the largest preserved forts in the world. Jaisalmer Fort was built in 1156 AD by the Rajput king Rawal Jaisal, and from that, the name of this city was also Jaisalmer. And you can see that the entire Jaisalmer city is situated around this fort. About 30 meters above the land of Jaisalmer, this fort was built on the hills of Trikuta, and this city used to be a stay point for tradesmen from the “Silk Route” in the olden times. The stone of this fort is such that when the sun’s rays fall on it, its color starts shining like gold; that is why this fort is called “Sonar Quila” or Golden Fort.

  1. Patwon ki Haveli: Jaisalmer

After visiting Jaisalmer Fort, you can go to Patwa Haveli but keep in mind, this mansion closes at 6 o’clock, so either you visit here first and then go to see Golden Fort or postpone it to the next day and as soon as You get two hours, come here!​ “Patwon ki Haveli” in Jaisalmer is considered to be the biggest haveli of Jaisalmer!

Secondly, this mansion is the first mansion of Jaisalmer, which Guman Chand Patwa built-in 1805. Guman Ji was a wealthy man, and he built Havelis for his five sons, which took 50 years to complete. Got a chance to see many types of locks and Rajasthani turbans in this haveli. The walls of this mansion give evidence of being a monarchy.

  1. Sam Sand Dunes: Jaisalmer

Schedule the next day morning or evening to have fun at Some Sand Dunes! Although the best time to visit is during sunrise or sunset in the evening. Sam Gaon, 42 km from Jaisalmer, is a very famous place for Desert Safari. However, now Khudi and Ghana are also becoming excellent and fun points for Desert Safari. Still, I found it inconvenient to reach these places from Jaisalmer with family, so we Chose only! Then I will say that if you do not have time and money, you go to Khuri, it will be better even though you can comfortably go with family and come back to visit other places! Sam is a great place to visit and explore the “Thar Desert” that surrounds Jaisalmer! You can get a shared jeep or SUV from Hanuman Circle, but you have to wait a bit, or you can take your car! Even in a shared car, the fare is up to Rs 100 per ride, and if you want to take on rent, it can be at least 600 -700 -800! It is better to take a car for rent only!

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  1. Kuldhara: A Haunted Village

Kuldhara village is considered a haunted village, about 18 kms away from Jaisalmer city in the southwest. How did this village become haunted! Different people have different stories on this! Some say that due to the lack of water, this village gradually became empty and then when this whole village became empty, the ghosts made their camp here! On the other hand, another story is also heard which fits more accurately! That story, however, is rejected by the people of Salim Singh, his descendants. But what is that story? It is essential to know this too!

  1. Lodurva

Lodrava is a tiny village 15 km away from Jaisalmer. Still, this village used to be the capital of Rawal till 1156 AD, and then when Rawal settled Jaisalmer, the capital also became Jaisalmer! Apart from this, Lodrava is also famous for the temple of 23rd Jain Tirthankar Parshwanath Ji. Muhammad Ghori demolished this temple in 1152 AD but later rebuilt it by merchant Tharu Shah in 1615 AD and became even better. Apart from this, the temples of Rishabhnath Ji and Sambhavnath Ji are also worth seeing. A little behind it is the temple of Mata Hinglaj Devi. The actual temple of Hinglaj Mata is in Karachi, Pakistan, but it is almost impossible for us to go there, so let’s visit here!

  1. Heritage Walk of Gadisar Lake: Jaisalmer

Gadisar Lake is an artificial reservoir built by Raja Maharawal Gadsi in the 14th century, and it is probably from there that the name Gadisar Lake. This lake was once the primary source of water supply for Jaisalmer, and today it has become a good tourist point for Jaisalmer. Along with boating, the ghats and temples here also look beautiful! Many birds will be seen around the lake, which probably “stay” here while going or coming to “Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary.” From where the Gadisar Lake Heritage Walk starts, there is also the Rajasthan Government’s Folk Music Center, where “Puppet Show” takes place on the other side of the road. Its show starts at 7 pm; if you get a chance, you will see it!

  1. Jaisalmer War Memorial: Jaisalmer

So now it was decided to visit the “Jaisalmer War Memorial (JWM),” which defines and showcases the proud moments of the Indian Army located on the Jaisalmer-Jodhpur road, about 10 kms from Jaisalmer, and get acquainted with the fantastic tales of its soldiers. Huh! Jaisalmer War Memorial (JWM) has become a place to showcase the glorious history of Indian Army and the heroic tales of Indian soldiers where your chest is proudly 56″. It can also be seen as Golden Jubilee! There are two halls named Indian Army Hall and Longewala Hall in which heroic tales of Indian Army personnel and officers are displayed. Here are the names of Param Vir Chakra and Mahavir Chakra winners with their photographs. There is a hall nearby where a 20-minute film is played, showing the tales of bravery of the brave soldiers of the Indian Army. This movie is a ticket of 20 rupees, and yes, there is also a Souvenir Shop from where you can join the Indian Army. You can buy logos like Cap, Key Rings, T-Shirts, Stickers!

  1. Salim Singh ki Haveli: Jaisalmer

Salim Singh’s full name was Salim Singh Mehta, who built this stately mansion in 1815 AD. He used to be the Diwan of his state, “Jaisalmer,” which means Prime Minister. If you look at history, you will get an idea that many people named Mehta have been the Prime Minister of then ruler Maharawal, so it can be said that Salim Singh must have also come from the same family! People also associate Salim Singh with the ruin of Kuldhara village. Due to the atrocities of Salim Singh and his evil eye on the girl of Paliwal Brahmins, Kuldhara village was deserted in a single night. However, the family members (descendants) of Salim Singh do not accept this fact. What is the truth – God knows!

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