Ten minutes short interview with our young rising music inspiration – Pyro

young rising music inspiration - Pyro

Pyro must be the reason your friends are talking about that new music track released. People are already falling for the exceptional music creation and rap songs created by Pyro. His music is taking over the world and attracting several listeners across multiple platforms. We had a chance for a short interview with Pyro today. We had an amazing session of crazy chit chat with this rising star. Let us have a while taking a look at it as well:

“People want to know about you, from you! Please tell us something about yourself”

 “Well, I am a singer and rap artist. I am 19 years old and I was born on Oct 2nd, 2001. I grew up in the Coachella Valley, part of Colorado Desert California.  I am working on multiple projects to bring something crazy for you guys. I grew up in banning and grew up in the palm desert. My name Pyro is for a reason I guess. The hype can be felt in my music and other artwork.”

“You have come a long way in this young age- how was that made possible?”

“Well, success never comes easy to one. It is always about a story of months and sometimes years. Years of hard work and dedication, focus on your work and dreams. Your commitment to your work is what raises you and makes you stand in the public and earns you the success you always dreamed of. so has happened to me. I have always worked hard regardless of day and night and gradually have reached to where I am today”

He also added: “I was only 8 years old since I am free styling. I used to create a scenario in my mind and sing it out as a rap. This craze kept growing and my love for music was even more hyped.”


“So what has always been your center of focus and goals?

“While working my things out, my main focus had always been on making the millions. I always focus on the music that I create for you. I focused on perfect maintenance and adaptation of loyalty. I focused a lot on respect. That is all you earn throughout your life. So give respect and take respect.”

“You have always been receiving a good support of friendships- is that so ?”

“Yeah, I have worked across multiple platforms and so many people. I made friends with @three6 and @Dripfornia-jak locked in TsF and other celebrity friends. They have always my back and are much supportive in my journey of singing and rapping. They always mean a lot to me. I have several takes with the rap start chief keep as well. I am getting a lot more exposure that has been so great for me. Some astounding things are made to happen just because of them. I am working on some amazing things that everyone is going to love for sure and fall in love with them in the very first take. ”

“How can your fans contact you if they want to catch up with you?”

“Well, if someone wants to keep in touch with me, they should contact me through email. My mail is [email protected]

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