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Online Marriage in Lahore Pakistan by a Lawyer

Online Marriage in Lahore Pakistan by a Lawyer:

Advocate Nazia is an expert in online marriage in Lahore Pakistan. If you Are overseas and Want to Do Online marriage With Other Country Person then u need to Hire lawyer they know the Procedure of Online Marriage in Pakistan * Online Marriage Procedure In Pakistan. If oncoming of age, a girl, who was married off when a minor, find the match unsuitable, then the marriage can be repudiated. The last khutbah of the Prophet at Arafah is very significant for us since it was delivered when the Prophet knew that he had not much longer to live, and so it contains some of his last advice for the Muslims.

Memorable Words:

 He has put the marital relationship in memorable words: Now! Accept my counsel to you to treat women well, for they are, just like captives with you, and you possess nothing of them other than this counsel to treat them well] unless they do something patently indecent. If they do that, then forsake them in their beds, and strike them lightly but not such that leaves a mark. Then if they obey you, do not seek any way against them. Now! You have a right over women, and women have a right over you.

Request Over Women:

As for your request over women, they should not seat those [men or women] you dislike on your couch, and they should not give those you dislike permission to enter your houses. It has existed from time immemorial among different peoples in various parts of the world. The Arabians were polygamous even before the advent of Islam, and so were many other people in most parts of the world at that time. Still, in Pakistan, some people go for online marriage in Lahore Pakistan.

Conduct Marriage Nazia Law Associate:

Nazia Law Associates in Lahore conducts online marriage in Lahore Pakistan, with much expertise. The Arabs used to marry a large number of women and considered them as chattels. In much of Africa, there was the practice of limitless polygamy, as was also the case with some of the prophets, the revelation to the final Messenger limiting it rather than instituting it. In many cases, there had been nothing even like marriage, as women could be bought and sold at will now the technology has facilitated through online marriage in Lahore Pakistan.

Institution of Polygamy:

The institution of polygamy was recognized among the Medes, Babylonians, Abyssinians, and Persians. When one goes through the Jewish and Christian religious scriptures, polygamy was an accepted part of life. Musa (Moses) allowed polygamy among his people. All the Prophets mentioned in the Tawrah, the old Testament, and the Quran were polygamous except the Prophet Isa (Jesus), who did not marry. It was practiced by the Greeks, among whom it was already prevalent that a wife was transferrable and marketable (something we do not condone). It was customary in the tribes of Africa, Australia, and later in modern times with the Mormons of America.

Hindu Law For Marriage & Polygamy:

Even the Hindu law of India does not restrict polygamy. The laws of Manu laid down specific conditions for celebrating subsequent marriages; it said: “A barren wife may be superseded in the eighth year; she whose children (all) die, in the tenth; she who bears only daughters, in the eleventh; but she who is quarrelsome, without delay.” (Manu Thus man as the father and woman as the mother of the children dwell together and bring up a family in unity. Different people have different temperaments, but if kindness, love, tenderness, and tranquility can be maintained, such a family unit is successful. If this is not possible, one must limit oneself to what one can easily manage: one wife. Through Nazia Law Associates, you can avail the services of online marriage in Lahore Pakistan.

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