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Nikah by Nikah Khawan:

If you want to hire a nikah khawan for court marriage Lahore, you may contact Nazia Law Associates. The compensation could also come made in the form of property. Another possibility is that when the husband makes talaq on his wife in the wake of an accusation, then the evidence to support this is required to be provided by nikah khawan for court marriage Lahore.


If there isn’t any evidence, then the husband has to compensate the woman. Keep in mind that if a woman is pursuing her claim for compensation before the Family Court, the condition should be explicit. In addition, if the claim is so that the woman is able to take the legal process (e.g., bring a lawsuit for defamation), the woman would be eligible to receive damages under the suit too. Be cautious when recording these situations when recording these conditions in Nikah Nama by nikah khawan for court marriage Lahore because sometimes the method in which the clause is recorded may mean that it’s not legally binding.


Examples are the husband not being able to provide the talaq with a specific reason. In the event that the conditions are invalid and are not legally enforced, the husband’s right to divorce is unaffected. In the case in Nasrullah V. District Judge and two other cases 21, the condition that was stated in Column 19 is that when the husband divorced his wife without fault of hers, he was liable to pay the wife two lakhs rupees. While it wasn’t explicitly declared to be the case, these conditions are typically taken to mean that the wife has violated one of the principal rules that are part of Nikah.

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Court Marriage:

Regarding the nikah khawan for court marriage Lahore, This husband instance divorced his wife five years after Nikah, and as a result of the explicit condition of the Nikah Nama regarding his right to decree divorce, he made it clear in the talaq that his wife did not have good character. The case went to Family Court, then the District Court, and finally to the High Court. It was then that the High Court perused the entire file and the testimony of the husband in the Family Court stated that he divorced his wife as she was not a good person. However, when asked if he could provide any evidence to support what he claimed, He replied that there was no evidence in relation to the identical.

The wife claimed that the husband had cast suspicion on her since the husband wanted to escape by paying her 2 lakh rupees, as mentioned within the Nikah Nama. In the end, the High Court dismissed the writ submitted by the husband and confirmed the decision that was made by the District Court, which had ordered the husband to pay his wife 2 lakh rupees. NOTE: For several years, there was a rift with respect to the interpretation of the law regarding any compensation-related conditions that are settled in the Nikah regarding an upcoming event.

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