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Taking care of your dental health is extremely important as it is a passageway through your stomach. If you are not taking care of your teeth, and there is some sort of infection in it, that infection through your mouth will go throughout your body and can lead to infection in other parts too. Regular visits to the Nashville Family Dentristry are essential, as taking good care of your teeth will prevent cavities and gums.

Good oral hygiene means that you have good general health as well. Though, you need to make an effort to maintain that hygiene and probably have to pay regular visits to the dentists. Hence, further on in this blog post, we will be discussing signs that will tell you that your next visit to the brightersmile dentist is due. 

Bleeding from the gums after brushing:

A significant and alarming sign that you need to pay a quick visit to the dentist is after brushing, and you notice bleeding gums. Ever wondered why after brushing, there is always blood on the toothbrush? The reason for this is you are not properly brushing your teeth which has led to plaque getting accumulated on it. If the plaque is not removed with time, it tends to harden and, as a result, form tartar on the teeth. When you try to remove this tartar, then the bleeding is increased.  

You are experiencing receding gums:

If you are experiencing receding gums, it is recommended that you visit your dentist immediately. Patients typically tend to ignore this sign. However, Dillard Dental Services professionals consider this an alarming sign and recommend that patients who are experiencing this take it very seriously. Receding gums are when your gums are pulled back from the teeth, exposing more of the tooth, including the roots. When there is a gap between the gums and the teeth, the chances of bacteria entering your mouth are greatly increased, and this increases the risk of periodontal diseases and wears away at the teeth.

Bumps or sores inside your mouth:

If you have any sorts of bumps or sores inside your mouth, then that is another sign indicating that you need to see your dentist right away. These bumps, sores, lumps, or unusual patches can signify something benign like a white or yellowish canker sore. Until and unless you get it checked by the dentist, there is no way of confirming it. A dentist can properly diagnose and treat any kind of bumps. If you have a mouth ulcer, you should also get it checked immediately by the dentist. Prolonging the ulcer can be dangerous for you, so this is something that you most definitely want to take care of. 


That sign is the most obvious one, and many people know that when they are experiencing toothaches, they need to go to the dentist; however, they still tend to ignore this sign. When you are experiencing persistent tooth sensitivity, pain while chewing or swelling, then these all can be signs of an advanced cavity or infected tooth. If the treatment of these tooth infections is prolonged, it could lead to the dangers of decay or infection. Toothaches are really intense, and if they are not treated on time, the pain can become really unbearable.

Loose or shifting teeth:

Typically, adult teeth last a lifetime, but if you feel like your teeth are loosening or shifting, you should take it seriously if you notice even a slight movement or widening gaps. That could be a sign of either infection or bone loss. Hence, you should look for changes in the way your teeth fit together when you bite or changes in the fit of partial dentures. 

If you experience any of these signs, you should immediately visit your Nashville Orthodontist

Moving onto the next section, in which we are going to discuss some commonly asked questions associated with Nashville Family Dentistry.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When should I be concerned about bleeding gums?

Bleeding gums is extremely common in adults and is experienced by many adults during their lifetime. Although, a small amount of blood is not something that you should be concerned teethandgums about it. However, if you are gums are bleeding regularly, it should not be ignored. That is because it is a sign of a potentially serious dental problem. 

Is gum bleeding common?

Yes, gum bleeding is common, but it is typically not serious. Sometimes, a person might experience bleeding after brushing and flossing, leading to irritated gums. The most common reason a person’s gums bleed is the plaque or the tartar build-up. 

Is going to the dentist necessary?

They recommend that children go at least once a year because their teeth can decay faster, while the adults without problems can wait as long as two years. They can go as far as to say that longer than two years is okay for people to show commitment to caring for their teeth and gums.

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