Nail art tips, nail artists must learn! Elite nail art school

Nail art tips, nail artists must learn! Elite nail art school

For girls who are in pursuit of sophistication, fashionable nail art should definitely be arranged, come with galglitter to learn nail art knowledge.

A. How to make nail polish more durable?

First of all, before the nail art, the nail edge of the dead skin to deal with, the nail surface of thedirt and oil clean. Apply the nail polish at least twice, and remember to wrap the front edge of the nail to paint it as well. Finally, after applying the color, apply a coat of clear nail polish. This way, you can keep the nail polish for as long as possible.

Two, how to avoid nail polish pigmentation

1. Before applying the color, you can use nail polish to isolate the base.

2, to use high-quality nail polish products.

3、. After doing a perfect nail, try to let the nail polish fall off by itself or cut it off after the nail grows.

4、. If there is already pigmentation, you should keep your nail polish off for a while so that it will slowly recede on its own. You can rub some nail polish regularly during this time, and it will helpa lot.

Amway: recommend you try water-based nail polish, remove with medical alcohol or directly apeel can be safe and environmentally friendly, do not hurt the nail.

Three, how to maintain nails?

Regularly trim the length of your nails:

Use a nail clipper to cut short or use a special sanding strip for nail art to trim the length. Then clean up the dead skin flakes:

First of all, you should let your fingers soak in warm water (you can place a few fresh lemon slices in the water to soak out the dirt from the nail crevices and soften the nail skin). Dry your hands, and then. Use an orange stick to gently push the soft skin, then use dead skin scissors or a deadskin fork to remove the excess soft skin flakes around the nail, and finally, use a nail brushtoclean around the nail. Then dip your fingers into a basin of water and rinse off while brushing. Apply emollient cream:

After drying your hands, apply emollient cream and massage it repeatedly with your fingers for 2minutes until it is absorbed. Finally, wipe the excess oil from the nail surface, and nail crevices with cotton dipped in alcohol.

Four, the classification of art nail art

Nail painting

Use a special nail art pen, dip it in paint or nail polish, and draw a pattern on the nail surface. Nail carving painting

Special nail carving materials in the nail surface produce a variety of three-dimensional decorative patterns.

Nail spray painting

We use airbrushes and special airbrush paint to create various patterns on the nail surface. Sticker nail

We use a special glue for nails to apply full or half stickers to the nail surface to quickly change the shape of the nail into a slender one.

Simulated nails

We use simulated nail material (such as nail gel, galglitter crystal nail polish) to make up for theshortcomings of the real nail shape by shaping the nail on the natural nail, thus achieving theeffect of beautifying and correcting the nail.

Five, how to choose the right nail shape

Square nails.

Generally speaking, square nails are more personalized and fashionable, and they are not easy tobreak, which is liked by professional women and white-collar workers.

Square, round nails :

Giving a soft feel, square, round nails are straight at the front and sides, with rounded contours at the angles. For women with pronounced bones and long, thin fingers, square rounds cancompensate for the lack of hand shape.

Oval nails:

Oval nails have an oval outline from the free edge to the front of the nail and are the traditional oriental nail shape.

Pointed nails:

An avant-garde and niche nail shape. Pointed nails are more prone to breakage due to the small contact area, and Asian nails are thinner and not suitable for this shape.

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