Make your Custom Bath Bomb Boxes gain the attention on the shelves Aesthetically

Custom Bath Bomb Box

Everyone loves to use bath bombs as the staple product of bathing. Bath bombs are one of the best products to calm the senses. The annual turnover of the bath bombs is estimated turn to reach $350 million USD by 2025. As the highest utilization of the bath fizzers, there is an excessive demand for custom bath bomb boxes now.

If you are running a bath melts business, you can sell each bath fizer ranging from $3 to $10 by just offering it in an attractive box. People love to have the most attractive packaging boxes. So, go for hiring a good packaging company.

Read the article below to know the wonderful aesthetical ways for embracing your boxes:

Tuck end 3 flap boxes with Die Cut Features

Aesthetically, you can create your boxes to look outstanding by availing of this style of box packaging. Stop utilizing the tedious packaging as people don’t like buying the old-style boxes again and again as they get straightway attracted towards the outer packaging.

So, go for enclosing your colorful bath bombs within the box which comprises three flaps, as it will keep your product protected during transportation. Moreover, the addition of the die-cut arch within the upper side of the box looks awesome. Through this addition, people will be able to see your colorful bath bombs without opening the box.

Spot UV your logo on the box. The logo will help you to attain more clients quickly as people will come to know about your brand.

Two-Piece box Style

The two-piece boxes look outstanding and luxurious on the shelves. You can add your amazingly colorful bath bombs within the rigid boxes to catch all limelight. How to achieve so? You can select a theme for this purpose. The themes addition is just wonderful. Select a pastel theme for your rigid packaging. For instance, you can choose an egg theme for representing your bath bombs.

Go for encasing kraft paper strips within the two-piece box to show the egg nest. Then wrap up your bath bombs resembling the eggs and place them within the box. Further, you can wrap up each bath bomb and name each of them with a specific theme like you can mention on the packaging such as for smoothing, brightening, radiance, etc. However, the names like this will look awesome.

Moreover, you can decorate one piece of the box by adding graphical artwork such as the abstract design with a mixture of pink and grey color will look fabulous.

At the top of the box do mention the name of your brand and insert your tagline. Don’t forget to add the ingredients of your bath fizzers to the boxes. You can mention the ingredients through the help of infographics. Like if you are offering green tea bath melts then create an infographic of the green tea and add the name of the ingredient below it.

Through infographics, people don’t have to run down through a vast list of the ingredients, and only by seeing the image of the ingredient they can know what you are offering.

Boxes with Inserts

Inserts are really helpful in elaborating the beauty of the box. You can add more than one insert within the box to encase your colorful bath fizzers.

Go for creating the color variation between the inserts and the box. For instance, you can make the inserts color mint and the box color deep blue. And insert pastel green, white, dark blue, etc, colors bath melts within the custom bath bomb box.

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