laminating machines

One of the essential equipment that is seen being installed in many places, specifically in commercial places for preserving important documents for a long time, is termed the laminating machines. Two sheets of plastic are involved in laminating, along with a single paper between them. That paper could be an important document that needs to be kept for a prolonged period. Machines can retain the original shape of the document.

Talking about the varieties, the laminating machines are mainly divided into two broad categories, i.e.

  1. Hot lamination machines
  2. Cold lamination machines

Let’s now discuss these two types of machines in detail to help you have a better understand. Read on to know further:

  • Hot Laminate Machine- In this specific kind of machine, there are usages of rollers or plates seen quite prominently. There is a lamination pouch within which the document is inserted, and the machine rapidly processes the lamination. A lot of heat and pressure is created on the document by the machine to complete the task rapidly. In these kinds of laminating machines, a specific laminating carrier is optionally attached with the machine to help prevent excess heat or control the flow of heat and pressure to the document to reduce the risk of getting damaged.
  • Cold Laminate Machine- Next comes thecold laminate machines;these kinds of laminating machines are used for specific documents that can be easily damaged if exposed to heat. Some fine examples of such documents would be old photographs, thin and weak documents, vinyl items, old currency, plastic items etc. Even these machines use rollers or plates, which will help generate pressure to complete the lamination process.

Uses of Hot and Cold Laminating Machines

  • The laminating machines help to make laminated banners, maps, instruction manuals, pamphlets, posters, holdings, signage, and many more that need to be kept undamaged for years.
  • The laminate helps protect the document or paper from being damaged or ill effects of human finger touch or environmental dust and debris, which may damage these things quite easily.
  • There are many places where laminating machines are being used like offices, schools, big business establishments, industries etc.
  • According to the above point we can see that these laminating machines are used for large quantity of lamination. In contrast, small shopkeepers and stationery shops also use these machines to fetch their daily earnings.

Tips To Remember Before Buying Laminating Machines

If you are planning to purchase a laminating machine, there are certain important factors that you need to keep in mind. Read on to know further.

  1. At first, you should understand the exact need for purchasing the machine.
  2. Next, you need to choose the type of materials for lamination purposes as there are different types of materials for every individual’s needs.
  3. Next, it is advised to note down the variety of input sizes of laminating machines. This is because the size of the laminating paper varies according to the client’s need. Laminators have a different range of speeds for completing the entire process. According to the industrial standard, the ideal speed of a laminator should be 15 inches per minute or 12 inches per minute. You should buy an ideal size that meets your needs in such cases.

Final Words

So, these were certain important points you needed to know before a laminating machine. Before purchasing one, you should pay proper attention to the above-mentioned key points. As a result, these mentioned-above considerations will help you make an informed decision in buying laminating machines that meet your needs and requirements.

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