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Let Know Easy Divorce Procedure for Overseas Pakistani By Lawyer

Easy Divorce Procedure for Overseas Pakistani: 

Those Pakistanis living abroad can quickly get a divorce in Pakistan. The divorce procedure for overseas Pakistani is easy, and they can get a divorce without coming to Pakistan. For Overseas Divorce in Pakistan, U need to Know the procedure of Divorce For Overseas Pakistani. Nazia law Associates is the best law firm to conduct divorce procedure for overseas Pakistani 

Q: I am a British Muslim and live in the UK. I do not wish to live with my husband because I hate him. I have gained a divorce, which is legal in British terms. Can this British divorce be applied as an Islamic divorce, or do I have to go to an Islamic court to gain a divorce from there?  

A: If the British court has properly separated you, and your ex-husband has also agreed to that the divorce is called khula in Pakistan and has come to force under Islamic Law as Remember, the Islamic Law demands only two things in such a case; (i) A clear announcement by the lady that she does not wish to stay with the man anytime; (ii) The man’s agreement, which amounts to divorce by him, however, the divorce procedure for overseas Pakistani is much cheaper and accessible in Pakistan. If your marriage was registered in (say) Pakistan, inform the concerned ‘Local Council by sending a copy of the court’s decision. That will finalize your separation. You can also get assistance from Nazia Law Associates.   

Q: After having a tough talk over the phone with his wife, who hangs up, a husband calls his mother and asks her to call his wife and let her know that he has awarded her with the first divorce and she needs to follow the iddah, But her mother refuses to do so and asks him to calm down. The husband’s intention to send the message was a threat; he did not intend to divorce. 

Answer of the Previous Question:

It is clag because the husband calls his mother and asks her to call his wife and tell her how he has given her first divorce. If the couple re-unites through the husband’s ruju (revoking with fresh nikah the iddah period) or through new nikah if iddah period has lapsed, they must remember that they have already exercised one talaq and are, left with two more chances. Shariah is cautious in entertaining excuses for the matter of divorce announcements or with divorce procedure for overseas Pakistani. So much so that the word talaq used even jokingly stands applied. If you need khula in Pakistan you can proceed with the divorce procedure for overseas Pakistani if you are living abroad

Q: My husband divorced when I was pregnant, Is that divorce accepted in Islam?

A: Generally, simple non-issues are inflated, and divorce is pronounced in haste without either following the manner and course as ordained or giving even a little consideration to the grave human miseries bound to allow as consequences. It is not for nothing that God Almighty hates divorce. Although it is legally permitted, we wish your husband revokes his decision. Through ruju, the time had yet not lapsed. Divorce/Khula in Pakistan or divorce procedure for overseas Pakistani legally, there is no bat on the husband to declare talaq during pregnancy. That’s why the period for the lady is either to clear three menstrual periods or deliver the child if she is pregnant. As legally stand divorced, serious attempts should be made through family mediators to reconcile, patch up differences, and re-unite you your husband by fresh -assuming that it was only one  

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