lab grown diamonds Brisbane: The Future Of Jewelry?

lab grown diamonds Brisbane: The Future Of Jewelry?

You’ve probably heard about lab-grown diamonds by now. But what exactly are they? And should you be investing in them as a retail investor? The short answer is: yes! 
Even though these synthetic stones may not be as glamorous or luxurious as natural ones, lab grown diamonds Brisbane have the potential to disrupt the $19 billion diamond industry and become an integral part of its value chain. Let’s see why…

The Benefits of Lab Grown Diamonds

The future of jewelry may lie in lab-grown diamonds. These gems are created through a process known as “diamond growth” which is performed on a synthetic medium. This technique produces a more consistent and predictable diamond than the traditional method of mining.

Lab-grown diamonds have several benefits over their mined counterparts. For one, they’re environmentally friendly. Miners often damage or destroy environments while extracting diamonds, but growth of diamond crystals in a laboratory doesn’t have any negative effects on the surrounding environment.

Second, lab-grown diamonds are more consistent in quality. This is because the manufacturing process is more controllable and errors are rarer. Furthermore, the synthetic medium used to create lab-grown diamonds doesn’t react with other elements in the atmosphere, which can cause fluctuations in the quality of mined diamonds.

Finally, lab-grown diamonds are cheaper than mined diamonds. The main reason for this is that synthetic mediums need to be paid for, whereas minerals like diamond can be extracted for free from the earth.

Why Brisbane is a Perfect Location for Lab Grown Diamond Production

The city of Brisbane is the perfect location for lab-grown diamond production thanks to its warm and humid climate, skilled workers, and access to manufacturers. Lab-grown diamonds are more sustainable than mined diamonds as they don’t require any environmental hazards or human exploitation. Lab-grown diamonds are durable and resistant to tarnishing, and they could be used in a wide range of products, including jewelry and car headlights.

Lab-grown diamonds are an innovative industry that is growing in Brisbane due to the city’s climate and skilled workforce.

How Lab Grown Diamonds Are Made

1. The traditional way: Rough diamonds are cut and polished in a lab, often using extremely high temperatures and pressures. This process can take up to 25 minutes per diamond.

2. The thermal treatment method: Rough diamonds are put into a furnace that is heated to over 1200 degrees Celsius. This causes the diamond to grow in size and hardness, making it a more durable gemstone.

3. The laser ablation method: Rough diamonds are placed on a vibrating table that emits a laser beam. The heat from the laser melts the diamond, causing it to grow in size and form concentric circles around the seed diamond.

The Future of Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab created diamonds London are becoming popular in Brisbane due to the city’s strong R&D presence, as well as its ability to test, develop and manufacture the diamonds. The companies in Brisbane leading the way in this industry have the knowledge and expertise to create high-quality products, as well as the infrastructure to support the growth of this industry.

The Bottom Line

As you’ve read, lab-grown diamonds are cleaner, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly than natural diamonds. And this is just the beginning.

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