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Know Guidance Of Proxy Marriage in Pakistan and Registration

Proxy Marriage in Pakistan and Registration:  

Nazia Law Associates in Pakistan is the best law firm for conducting the proxy marriage in Pakistan according to another country’s Pakistani law and law. Q: I live in California. I want to marry a girl who lives in Pakistan. Can I do proxy marriage in Pakistan with my fiancé or not? 

A: You must know that the fundamental requirement of proxy marriage in Pakistan is offer [free consent of the lady] and acceptance [explicit acceptance by the man], duly verified by at least two witnesses, and registered as per the law of the land.

Telephonic Contact:

 Suppose your telephonic contact meets these requirements fully and is no attempt of exclusive chat between you and your fiancée. In that case, your proxy marriage in Pakistan will be valid, But see to it please that the country law in Pakistan is okay with it, but other country law demands proper registration, as well. That will save you from legal troubles and add to the validity of the contract. As for the legal demands in America, you better see to that as well because, ultimately, you will be asking your wife to migrate. The official documents duly verified in Pakistan are accepted in the US, will therefore be of help. For example, a divorcee wife should have a proper Nadra divorce certificate.

Different Country For Marriage:

I live in America, and I married a man through proxy marriage in Pakistan. I was to meet him in London the following month. When he arrived in London, he only spoke to me briefly by phone and never again. This was three months ago. The Imam here said the marriage is not valid now and that I am free to re-marry. Is this correct? Some of my friends from Pakistan say I have to travel to Pakistan and get a Nadra divorce certificate. I also spoke to the lawyer in Pakistan who performed the proxy marriage in Pakistan from that end. He said he has that proxy marriage in Pakistan is done as law in Pakistan. I do not care about the government; I only care about Allah, and I want to do the right thing.  


A: It seems this Pakistani fellow has only used your consent to facilitate his entry and stay in Britain. Going by the opinion of some jurists, your Imam is wrong as religiously offer, and acceptance was enough to make the marriage valid as per Islam. The rest of the legal registration was done by your lawyer.

If you were previously divorced, you need to have a proper Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan to fulfill your legal requirements. You need not travel to Pakistan to obtain Nadra divorce certificate after due process of law. Proxy marriage in Pakistan is legally and religiously valid. Proxy marriage in Pakistan facilitates the spouse to have the marriage done without coming to Pakistan and spending lots of time and money here. It is a facility that the spouse can happily avail. For details, you can contact Nazia Law Associates. 

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