Information About Online Transcription Services

Information About Online Transcription ServicesInformation About Online Transcription Services

Online transcription services are available in a myriad of formats, offering products which differ in terms of turnaround time and pricing, as well as the quality of service and customer support.

In this article , we’ll examine the most popular types of online transcription. We hope that this tiny but valuable piece of information can help anyone who is looking to get their audio recorded and ensure that a great transcription is in their hands!

Different kinds of online transcription Services

In the online transcription service market, there are a variety of choices that every business has to offer It is recommended to think about these aspects when buying online transcription. While there’s a wide variety of transcription firms however, they all fall into one of the categories below.

Crowd-sourced Online Transcription Services

The services of crowd-sourced online transcription have been gaining popularity in recent times! The service involves your audio being made available to the public domain for crowd-sourced transcriptionists to transscribe. In simple terms the transcription companies are able to vastly cut costs by cutting your audio into tiny chunks (usually between 1 and 5 minutes) and then passing it on to a variety of individuals to be transcribed. After each person has completed their portion of the transcription, a computer will take the fragments of audio to piece it back into pieces and gives the transcription on to you. This is actually a sophisticated program, and a clever way to transcribing massive quantities of information, but the user loses privacy and quality.

1. Your audio is accessible to everyone – anyone can listen (anyone is able to, and everyone listens – as thousands of transcribers need to verify that they are able to perform the work by listening to the audio)
2. Transcribers usually use slightly different styles, meaning that punctuation, spelling, grammar etc. is different between sections from the same transcription

3. You’re not aware of whom your transcribers belong to! For instance, typically, the transcribers don’t have to be native English speakers. These issues can be avoided by the right training and experience, however at some point , the language barrier will be evident in the final transcript.

4. There isn’t a confidentiality agreement signed by transcribers with respect to the audio file or s

5. Sometimes, the turnaround time can be a long time – which is okay so long as you’re aware of this at the beginning

Outsourced Transcription Services

In this model of service the transcription company could be a single person either a business or business. When they receive an request by you, they transfer it to an outsourced firm (in India, the Philippines or an other country) to finish. I’m not saying that These services may provide an acceptable level of quality transcripts that are very basic audio (without background noise and several speakers technical terms and etc.). BUT! They’re not able to offer any quality at all on more difficult audio. When I tested the test my friend as well as I did (which I’m not going to post here, but you’ll have to believe me on it) the transcripts we received from a few of these outsourced firms was not even close to the audio. These companies work hard to produce high-quality transcripts, but the lack of English as their primary language isn’t an option to deliver transcriptions that are accurate to 98% or greater. There are a few issues with outsourcing transcription companies online include.

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