Inauguration of ‘Yaadgar-e-shaheedan’ memorial in Sangrur by Vijay singla

PWD minister Punjab

Punjab PWD Minister Vijay Inder Singla made various achievements and initiated steps for Punjab.    He is the man responsible for growth and development in the education sector also.  He also took steps for the construction of roads. Moreover, in Sangrur, he inaugurated the Kisan Memorial ‘Yadgar-e-Shaheedan’ .  This memorial has been made in remembrance of farmers and the names engraved on the stone of all the dead farmers.  The memorial has been developed for laborers who sacrificed their lives during a year-long protest in the national capital against three ‘black’ agriculture laws.

 the ninth Sikh Guru has sacrificed his life for the sake of humanity, farmers have also laid down their lives against the anti-farmer policies following the preachings of Sikh Gurus.. The PWD minister Punjab also contribute speech his strength towards them. He inaugurated This memorial with pride. Hence tribute is given by the minister to brave souls. these brave souls have sacrificed their lives for a noble cause,” The PWD Minister asserted that he is proud of the Punjab community. Hence the minister played a leading role in mobilizing the farmers and laborers of India. He also states that he is proud for being a Punjabi before a Hindu. The  Union government worked collectively and he is proud of the victory.

“it is also estimated that about 700 people sacrificed their lives in this cause. ” He makes people feel proud with his words that he is a Punjabi first and then a Hindu. It is his duty to provide justice to the martyred farmers and laborers. Some care considerations of their families are also drawn.PWD minister Punjab states asserting the farmers’ protest is a true example of Punjabiyat. It is Punjab where people jointly contribute for noble causes and stand also. Moreover, rising above the lines of caste, sect, and religion, works collectively.

 He also believed in the people of our Punjab. He said they are wise enough to understand the destructive politics.   He also works in incurring atrocities against Punjab and the Punjabi community. 

 Hence we can say that major works have been done by the PWD minister. In fact the  Vijay Singla also took self-initiative and self-responsibility for completion for many files pending. He fights for the sake of humanity and works gradually towards the growth and development of various sectors of Punjab. The common public is also quite satisfied with the work done by the man.   He is the one who also stands for the sake of humanity and stands with farmers for their sacrifices.

The PWD Minister claims that the minister also felicitated the families of the martyred farmer’s laborers.  He also gave assurance to help them that the Punjab government has always stood by them. He will extend every possible assistance in the future also. He worked for various causes of the government and set a scale towards growth & establishment.  He is the main stand and supports  Punjab in various accomplishments.  He set an approach towards education and worked simultaneously in major works.

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