Importance of Female Teachers in School

Female teachers play a main role in overall development of students.In behaviour, females are gentle to talk so this makes students comfortable to communicate makes better understanding of concepts to be cleared.if we talk about boys & girls, mostly problems faced in school are by girls. They face more difficulties to convey their thoughts & some personal problems which they can’t share with the male faculties & they will feel secure to talk.

A female teacher can easily use software like LMS portal and student attendance management system. Female teachers pamper every students equally as a Mother care which act as most crucial step towards development of moral values at emotional level.

However, the school of confidence hires female staff more than male and found below results:

Affection in rural Areas – it’s been seen for a long time, there is scarcity of teachers in rural areas due to lack of education & awareness. Because of this, students face lots of problems to get an education. Male faculties are more as compared to female faculties. It’s needed to increase the female teachers to equalize the need so this step will promote a spike in literacy rate. 

Affection in Urban Areas- these areas don’t have that much problem as compared to rural areas as there is much more awareness regarding education so females having aptitude more towards teaching in various departments like Science,Art, culture and Sports.

Gender equality – there must be an equal number of male and female faculties to promote gender equality. As per report, female teachers are more effective in teaching as compared to male teachers. As girls grow up towards puberty, there are certain changes in them for which they can’t take help of male teachers so they can share their problems & feel comfortable to convey it to female teachers.

Qualitative Aspect- female teachers are having different ways to teach which makes learning easy & memorable for students. Psychologically, female teachers make more close understanding with students. there various programs which is being run by teachers like personal Online teaching to the student who feel difficulty to learn in class.    

Effective learning – Teaching is primarily a Communication profession. It’s being seen that female teachers are having soft & clear communication skills which helps them to promote students towards fruitful study by their effective verbal & non-verbal communication skills. Teaching Methodology is essential factor required to develop important skills in students promoting them towards digital learning,seminars, Science Laboratory visit, industrial area observation & Picnic spots so students can learn things in real life that how to communicate with people around,learn manufacturing processes & science experiments.Female teachers can increase the awareness amongs students regarding Sex education, physical changes during puberty & behavioural changes during this stages so that students get comfortable .This will create healthy atmosphere between male & female students.

Teacher’s training- For the better learning, fruitful teaching is must & to fulfill this need, teachers should be well trained & educated in terms of not only knowledge but also skillful teaching that how they teach to the student & how much they understand & convey on practical level.

Stress Management- In this Era of Competition, there is lots of rush regarding marks which leads to Stress in them. So there should be a proper management being done by male & female teachers to handle them. As girls feel it hard to express that easily to all the Teachers so female teachers can handle it by listening to their problems help them with different kinds of suggestions, seminars & open talk so that their capability won’t get affect. Boys & girls should be given equal opportunity to participate in debates, extra curricular activities.

Teaching Skills – For proper development of the students, Teachers should be very skillful to train. & For this some skills should be there in teachers or be developed in them like Planning Skills, Implementing lesson skills, Assessment Skills & personality development skills.

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