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How to use WhatsApp web from mobile

whatsapp web

WhatsApp Web is a WhatsApp client that allows you to use instant messaging services from your computer. In theory, it’s designed to help you enjoy your service on your computer, but the way you connect with it has made it a bit more creative.

We will show you how to solve some service restrictions using WhatsApp Web from your mobile phone (and other devices). Especially when compared to other methods like Telegram,

Use WhatsApp Web from your mobile phone

As expected, WhatsApp Web is designed primarily for computer use, but nothing prevents you from using the web version of that page for Android calls. This process requires a second device as WhatsApp and WhatsApp Web cannot be used on the same mobile phone.

To use WhatsApp Web, you need to scan your BIDI code. When I try to scan from a phone that has WhatsApp installed, it returns to the application

To see the impossibility of this process, we took a picture of the WhatsApp Web BIDI code and scanned it using our phone to contact you through our private code. After performing this process, you will return to WhatsApp itself. This will prevent you from using the client from the mobile phone where the application is installed.

After clarifying this point, let’s return to the first idea and use WhatsApp Web Mobile (or another type of secondary device). The process is the same as you would on a computer, so the connection process only takes a few seconds to complete.

Open WhatsApp Web on your secondary phone

Set up your desktop display

Remove the BIDI code from your main phone (where you installed WhatsApp).

whatsapp web

Once the process is complete, you can use WhatsApp Web with the main phone number of your other smartphone. The main advantage of this is clear. Because one phone number will open two (or more) WhatsApp chats. With alternatives like Telegram this has been possible for a long time, but WhatsApp is currently limited to one device.

Of course, you need to be warned that the WhatsApp web interface is not optimized for mobile devices for obvious reasons, and that you may need to put your phone in landscape mode to see the full chat. There is.

Send multimedia files, cameras, keyboards, etc. Everything works with WhatsApp Web, despite a slightly unpleasant format

The keyboard, file transfer, camera integration, and other features work properly and are not limited. We also tested replay when it seems to be online and when it doesn’t. The main problem with WhatsApp Web is that it continues to run. As a result, it will appear to be online even if it is not.

Using WhatsApp Web is as easy as scanning a QR code, so you can benefit from connecting more devices such as phones, computers, tablets, TVs and more. Please note that devices such as tablets (including iPads) cannot install WhatsApp. This method is great for owning an app without installing it.

Any device that can view the web version of the WhatsApp web page can download its interface so you can use it to chat and receive notifications.

Similarly, you can connect your TV to WhatsApp Web and use it as a screen with a Bluetooth keyboard or chat from your sofa. That is, almost any device that can open the web version of WhatsApp Web can contact a customer.

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