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How To Prepare the Talaqnama form in Pakistan By Lawyer

Talaqnama form in Pakistan:

If you need talaqnama form or khula papers in Pakistan, you can call us. For instance, Cisolok is semi-urban, Menoro is rural, and Kediri Induk is an urban region. The interviewees were from the three regions thirty main participants and 16 important informants (such as relatives and teachers, as well as policymakers) for talaqnama form or khula papers in Pakistan.

Divorced After Child:

 The most frequent participants were both females and males who had divorced after child marriage. Seven were aged between the ages of 15-18 years , and 23 were aged between the ages between 19-23 years. Of these 21 of them, there was an unregistered divorce, while nine of them had a divorce registered. Participants in the FGDs were all general members of the community divided by gender and age. FGDs were conducted in two groups of people, those aged between 18 and 24 years old (one FGD for males and females) as well as those aged between 25 and 50 year old (also one FGD that was male and one for females) for talaqnama form or khula papers in Pakistan.


Each FGD comprised six to eight participants. In addition to both techniques used in the research, this study also employed the photograph voicetechnique. Transcripts of in-depth interviews as well as FGDs were downloaded, coded, and analysed with Vivo software. The results of the research were shared in a meeting with YES I DO Alliance in Jakarta in November of 2017. Workshops on validation and dissemination of research were also conducted in each region along with local partners and other stakeholders. Workshops in Rembang was scheduled for December 11, 2017, while those at Sukabumi as well as West Lombok were held on December 19, 2017. 

Khula Papers in Pakistan:

Regarding the talaqnama form or khula papers in Pakistan in each of the workshops, the researchers presented their main findings of their study in order to solicit input and suggestions, particularly in relation to stakeholder’s initiatives at the district level.

Faculty of Public Health:

This study was granted an ethical approval from the Research Ethics Committee of Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Indonesia in the letter no. 493/UN.F10/PPM.00.02/2017. One of the main effects of child marriage in three areas was the financial burden. Girls were dropping out of schools, and boys were unable to find work to take care of their families after talaqnama form or khula papers in Pakistan. Young couples had a hard time to survive without the help of their parents. 

Financial Challenges:

The financial challenges sometimes caused tensions that eventually led to an argument between young wives and husbands. The tension is said to be heightened when it’s the wife that is employed, while the husband fails to provide a steady source of income to the household. The gender gap when it comes to the distribution of responsibilities within families also contributed to the development of problems in the household which led to divorce. For instance, in West Lombok, although it was claimed that women are able to perform work, the men remain expected to support their families. 

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