How To Increase Battery Health With a Phone Repair Store?

phone repair store

Are you sick of your phone battery draining too soon? Do you find yourself worrying about a charging port everywhere you go? Do you always complain of poor battery health? We have got you all sorted with some tips and tricks to extend the battery health of your devices like smartphones, Ipads, laptops, tablets, etc. If the battery starts draining after your device falls or hits a surface, then you must get it checked by a phone repair store. 

However, if the battery health is deteriorating with time and there is no apparent fall or damage to the device, then there are some factors that you should consider to extend it. 

Ways To Increase Battery Health Without a Phone Repair Store

Use an Original Charger 

It is essential to use an original charger for your device that should be dedicated to that device only. This way, you will have it at your convenience and can charge your phone whenever the battery falls below the line. 

Don’t Use the Device While Charging 

Always keep your phone sufficiently charged so you can use it for long hours without charging it. The battery health significantly deteriorates when the device is used while the charger is plugged in. If the battery is too inefficient to work for long hours, it is better to replace the existing one with another authentic one. Make sure that the new battery is premium quality and under warranty. You can replace it with a reliable phone repair center such as Gadget Defender

Don’t Let the Battery Fall too Low

When the battery falls below the limit, plug in the charger and wait for it to get sufficiently charged. It will not just increase the battery charging time, but also the drainage will be slower. However, if it occurs after damage, accident, fall, or hitting, you should refer to a professional expert who can fix the battery health. 

Avoid Spillage 

Keep your food and drinks at a distance from your devices. Don’t eat and drink while working on your laptop, as there is a chance of spillage. The liquid is difficult to desiccate and damages the device’s internal parts. If the battery gets wet, it is a hazard because the battery contains chemicals that carry out the chemical reaction inside it. It can burst and cause severe damage to the device and the person around it. 

Avoid Dust 

It is essential to clean your devices thoroughly to avoid the accumulation of any dust and particulate matter. The battery health can be sufficiently increased by preventing the dust, maintaining your machine, and cleaning it from time to time. You cannot always clean it by yourself and need professional help. For this purpose, you can refer to a phone repair store in Columbia, Kentucky

Can you Replace the Battery of your device Yourself? 

You can change the battery of a device yourself if the battery is detachable. In this case, it is pretty convenient, and anybody can do it. However, if the battery is not divisible, and you need specific tools and skills to open the device, you should seek help from a phone repairing service.  


You must maintain and clean your electronic gadgets per the manufacturer’s instructions. The device must last longer and stay efficient over the years. 

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