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How to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

How to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

The most important part of your home is your family. For many families, that includes their furry friends who bring nothing but love and joy into the household. But having a pet means that you equally want to ensure that your home is pet-friendly. This is because they live a bit differently than humans do, and you want to make sure that your furniture can remain protected and they can still roam freely throughout the space.

But to make a home pet-friendly, you do not have to sacrifice the style of your home or your own comfort either. In fact, there are some simple hacks like adding a magnetic door screen into the home that can ensure all parts of the house are functional and accessible to even the four-legged members of the family.

If you are looking to make your own home pet-friendly without having to re-decorate the entire space, check out these top tips on how your home can become both chic and suitable for your furriest of family members.

1. Get a Great Vacuum

Your furry friend has a lot of hair, which means that you are going to likely endure a lot of pet hair throughout the home. But with a great vacuum in your home, you will be able to get rid of the biggest of hairballs and still keep your home looking nice and tidy.

A great trick to ensure that your furniture does not get ruined is to vacuum your house at least every other day and wash your pet at least once a week. That way your pet can still relax and be comfortable without you having to stress about the home smelling and looking like your pet has completely taken over.

2. Get a Magnetic Door Screen

As we previewed at the start, getting a magnetic door screen is a great way to make all parts of your house extremely pet-friendly. This is because the magnetic door screen allows for your pet to easily access the backyard and inside the house without you having to let them in and out every single time.

But what is even better about the magnetic door screen is the fact that it equally prevents excess dirt or bugs from getting inside your home. Since your pets are not going to have the capability of shutting and opening doors all on their own, the magnetic door screen steps in and do this instead.

3. Have Stain Resistant Fabrics

Another important way to make your home pet-friendly is to select fabrics that are stain-resistant. This is because having pets in your home will likely result in your furniture being prone to the risk of stains or smells. But with the right type of fabrics on your furniture, the damage will be much subtler and, in fact, many of the messes can be prevented in general.

This is great because having stain-resistant fabrics on your furniture allows you to still create a chic home environment while equally keeping it pet-friendly as well. Some of the best stain-resistant fabrics include leather and Ultrasuede.

4. Go for Hard Floors

Carpets are not ideal when it comes to keeping your house pet-friendly, especially because of how much dirt and hair they will capture. Instead, put in hardwood flooring throughout your home so that it will be easier for you to clean and harder for your pet to damage.

There are numerous types of hard floor surfaces to select. Some of the most pet-friendly options are ceramic tile because it is proven to be quite resistant to stains. Plus, your pets will love the cooling effects during those warmer days when they may be feeling overheated.

5. Give Your Pet Their Space

Everyone in your family likely has their own home. So it is important to give your pet their own space to retreat to in the home too. While you do not have to necessarily give them a designated room, they should have a designated space that feels like their own. You can create this by simply getting them a special pet bed and putting it in the corner of the living room.

Of course, you can make it extra special by throwing in some plush pet toys in that space too. Your pet will really feel like they are welcomed into your home and part of the family with their own space. And this is one of the most important elements in having a pet-friendly home.

6. Create Extra Storage

Your pet will need its own special food, treats, and cleaning supplies. So make extra storage that is solely dedicated to your pet.


Not only will it be easy to find for you, but having that designated storage space for your furry friend will really solidify your home as pet-friendly.

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