Toddlers and Long-Distance Flights: How to Keep Kids Entertained

Traveling with kids

We are all aware of the fact that travelling with toddlers can be very exhausting for the parents.
We all know how energetic kids are and how difficult it can be when they are constrained in
small areas. Therefore, you need to plan things beforehand so that the journey is uneventful for
you and the co-passengers on the flight.

Traveling with kids

When travelling with a toddler, you must jeep snacks, fun activities and sleeping essentials
handy. These things will save you when sanitary with a toddler on the flight. Some of the travel
tips are listed below so that the flight is comfortable and blissful for you and your co-passengers
while travelling with a toddler.

● Purchase New Toys for Toddlers When Travelling

There are toys in the market, which are specially designed for toddlers when travelling. When
you want to travel the world with your toddler, you can make use of such toys, which offer them
new activities and keep them engaged for most of the flight. The toys are available in different
shapes and sizes. They are mostly gender-neutral and are available for several age groups. They
are also sold based on the length of the trip you are taking your toddler. For shorter trips, the toys

are available for a cheaper price. There are several activities for the toddler like puzzles,
colouring books, mess-free painting books and so on. There are several stickers that are available
with these toys and they are reusable too.

Kid holding a toy

● Pack All the Sleep Essentials for the Toddler

It is a dream if your toddler loves sleeping and sleeps during the flight hours. There are
personalized baby blankets available for your toddler for him/her to sleep peacefully in the flight.
You must make sure that you carry all the sleeping aids for your kid when travelling. You must
try to provide the maximum comfort to the toddler so that he/she sleeps peacefully in the flight
and the journey is peaceful for you too. However, not all kids can sleep on the flight. The new
environment and the bright lights do not let the kid feel settled and often he has trouble sleeping.
There is a specialised travel pillow designed for kids that helps them sleep better. Another tip is
to book a late-night flight as it is the ideal time for your baby to sleep.

● Keep the Snacks Handy

When travelling on the flight for long hours, you must keep a travel bag with as many baby
snacks as possible. The food offered on flights is not advisable to feed your kids; therefore, you
need to carry food yourself. However, you cannot carry anything and everything you like on
flights. You need to strategically plan on the things you need to carry for your kid.

Boy eating chocolate

● Clothing Change for the Kid

Carrying a set of fresh clothes is one of the travel essentials that you must carry as a parent when
travelling with kids or toddlers. An easy change of clothing must be kept near when travelling
for long hours. You can carry a zip lock bag and carry a complete change of clothing in those for
the kids. The Ziploc bags can also be used to store the used set of clothes of the baby. You can
audio keep wet tissue papers and airsickness bags within reach because it can be needed anytime
with the toddler on board.

● Carry a Bassinet or a Car Seat

A regular seat on an aeroplane might not be the most suitable option for the toddler. Travel and
leisure go hand in hand and hence the kid must be comfortable during the travel. Therefore,
while travelling for long hours, you must carry a bassinet or a car seat for your toddler. A
bassinet or a car seat will help your toddler sit comfortably in a flight. It will also reduce their
chances of falling from their seat.


There are sufficient ideas, which will help, keep the toddlers entertained while on the flight. You
do not need to introduce electronic gadgets to keep them engaged. In addition, flights can prove
to be amazing for bonding with your toddler and you can spend some real and quality time with
your little one. If you have travel ideas to travel with a toddler, do share them with us.

Author’s bio: Betti Wilson is a freelance author, but, what’s more important, what she is really
devoted to, is her children. In her articles, she shares her own experience and writes about
parenthood, lifestyle, family challenges and how to deal with them without losing a positive

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