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How to Elevate Your Digital Presentations with the Advancement of QR codes

Everyone uses PowerPoint to share information through slides and discuss more details on each part.

With an advanced QR code generator online, you can have various QR code solutions that would support your digital presentations. In just one scan, your audience will enjoy your supplemental learning materials.

Reporting may come with a bunch of paper works and a hassle to organize, but with the development of QR codes, this may become so much simpler and enjoyable.

According to research, over 500 million people use PowerPoint and 30 million digital presentations daily.

You can present your work virtually using online resources like PowerPoint or Skype’s live screen sharing. Furthermore, you can also add interactive components like films or animations.

Generate a QR code for your PowerPoint Presentation

Having a QR code presentation allows faster paperless data sharing through a QR code.

  1. Upload the PowerPoint presentation – could be on OneDrive or Google Slides
  2. Activate the sharing option for the File
  3. Copy the sharing link
  4. Go to QR code generator online
  5. Choose the category for your content, then complete the necessary information
  6. Generate your QR code – best to use a dynamic QR code, ideal for linking long links
  7. Customize your QR code by putting a logo
  8. Do a scan test
  9. Download your QR code

One reason QR codes for your PowerPoint presentation are perfect is to easily share added content with your audience.

This way, your audience can easily access the presentation by scanning the QR code and a tap.

Remember to download an SVG format of your QR code—best for resizing without losing its quality.

Convert your File to a QR Code

You can store files like Multimedia, manuals, and presentation documents in a QR code.

One of the most advanced QR code solutions is File, allowing you to upload PDF, MP4, Audio files, Word, Excel, and more.

Your audience can access the encoded material in the subsequent parts with only one scan of the QR code you create from your File.

Generate a QR code for landing pages

The URL QR code solution is best for redirecting your audience to a webpage.

Creating a landing page makes your audience more interactive, even if giving examples alone may not be enough for them to follow.

Incorporating specific information sources into your QR code is one approach to employing a QR code in your digital presentation.

URL QR code is excellent since listing the content sources can clog the information format on the slide.

You can also include a presentation review form by attaching a QR link for your Google Form.

Best to use a dynamic QR code to track data. You can check on the number of scans, location, and device and can update the data content anytime, like changing PDF files or updating website links.

With the QR code generator software QRTIGER, you can have an effective digital presentation for your audience.

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