How To Dose Cannabis Edibles

Preparing cannabis-infused edibles requires creativity and attention. Your cannabis edibles should have a safe THC dose that is consistent in all your servings. This is easy to determine using a product’s THC content label. Here is more information about your edible dosage and how to calculate a safe dose for your edibles: 

Dosage Guide for Your Edibles 

Your experience with a specific dosage is different from that of another person. You have an ideal dosage that suits the unique needs of your body. This requires an understanding of the cannabis strength that best fits you and your preferences. 

A THC and CBD dosage safe in your edibles depends on your tolerance. If it’s your first-time trying cannabis edibles, start with a dosage that is no more than 2.5 mg. This low amount is safe to give a good experience as you have zero tolerance for cannabis. 

If you use THC or CBD every week, a potency of 5mg fits you. For regular consumers, your body has attained tolerance. Your body is able to withstand a high dosage of 10mg to 15 mg. 

Other factors that affect the dose tolerated by your body include:

  • Metabolic Rate: A lower dosage is safer for higher body metabolisms. They tend to process edibles quickly, enabling them to experience them faster.  
  • Bodyweight: Increased body weight tolerates a higher amount of THC. 
  • Type of Edible: Cannabis edibles such as gummies have regulated THC. This enables you to experience their effect after a few servings. 

After identifying your ideal dosage, you should then learn how to calculate the potency per your edible servings. This helps you consume edibles within your ideal cannabis potency. 

How to Calculate a Safe Dose for Your Cannabis Edibles 

If you prefer to make your edibles use an edible dosage calculator to determine the potency of your final edibles. Before using it, you require the percentages of CBD and THC in your cannabis concentration. These are indicated on your flowers if they are lab-tested. 

You’ll require the amount of cannabis (in grams) you add to your recipe. These details help you calculate the dosage of the recipe in 2 steps:

Determine the Potency for Your Entire Batch 

Calculate the strength of the infused products that you’ll add to your edible’s recipe. Feed your calculator with the products below:

  • Amount of your cannabis content. It’s in milligrams if lab-tested 
  • Percentages of CBD and/ or THC in your cannabis 
  • Type and amount of butter or oil you’re using 

From the calculator, you obtain the total amount of THC and CBD in mg and the quantity of CDB and THC per teaspoon. Use this infusion in your recipe to create servings for your cannabis edibles. 

Calculate the Dosage in the Recipe and per Serving 

Use the calculator to determine the dosage per your edible serving. Indicate the number of teaspoons from the infusion and the number of servings you expect from your recipe. 

Your calculator provides THC and CBD dosage in the entire recipe and per serving. Enjoy your edibles, limiting the number within your body’s tolerance dose. Your tolerance grows over time, allowing you to take in bigger quantities. 

Get Your Well-Dosed Edibles Today!

Edibles are a tasty and fun way to enjoy your cannabis. Understand the dosage that is safe for you by using the edible dosage calculator to determine the cannabis potency in your edibles. This helps you prepare edibles that have a safe and consistent dose for all your servings. Are you doubting your dosage calculations? Consider high-quality and well-dosed cannabis edibles. Remember to safely dose your edibles based on your personal tolerance.

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