How to Ask a Lawyer in Pakistan for Legal Rights

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 If you want to ask a lawyer in Pakistan or criminal lawyer in Lahore for your legal rights you may contact Jamila Law Associates. This offense, if there is a reasonable doubt as to his guilt, and then he must be acquitted. The lighter burden of proof in civil cases; He need not help the police with their inquiries or make a statement to them so better ask a lawyer in Pakistan or criminal lawyer in Lahore; further.


It cannot hold this lack of cooperation against him at the trial; he can remain silent, and it will no, it hold it against him; he is tried on the facts of the case, not on the evidence of his previous convictions. The court will not be told of his ‘record’ since that might create a prejudice against him. Only if he is found guilty will his ‘form’ be relevant when it may influence the court’s sentence, but the accused will forfeit. The benefit of this rule if he falsely tells the court he is of good character or attacks the prosecution witnesses’ character.

Oral Evidence:

He is tried on the oral evidence of witnesses; generally, written evidence is not allowed since there is no opportunity for its maker to be cross-examined; also so ask a lawyer in Pakistan or criminal lawyer in Lahore. The evidence of a witness must be what he saw or heard and not hearsay (i.e., second-hand evidence). For instance, A cannot say that B told him that the accused had admitted committing the crime: only B, or the accused, can give that evidence: he is protected from trial by the newspaper; the sub judice rules prevent the papers from reporting anything other than the evidence given in the case.

Criminal Lawyer in Lahore:

Speculation by the press is prohibited so ask a lawyer in Pakistan or criminal lawyer in Lahore (for the restrictions on press reporting); he has various civil liberties’ that regulate how the police can question him (see Chapter 44). These safeguards are given to all people, whether they be mass murderers or litterbugs. The underlying principle is that several guilty people should go free rather than take the risk of one innocent person being wrongly convicted.


There are two ways of bringing the suspected criminal proceedings before the court: either by a summons or by arresting and then charging him so ask a lawyer in Pakistan or criminal lawyer in Lahore.  She was issuing a summons Firstly. There is the summons to appear in court at a specific date and time.


Then, the police go before a magistrate to state where and when the accused committed the offense.  It is called laying information and must be done within six months of the offense. If the magistrate thinks there is a prima facie case (which he nearly always does), he will sign and issue the summons, commanding the accused to appear in court, usually at least one week later. The police then serve the summons on the accused, usually by post.

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