How Much Lawyers in Pakistan Charge for Criminal Cases?

Lawyers in Pakistan for Criminal Cases:

If you are looking lawyers in Pakistan or law firm in Lahore for criminal cases you may contact Jamila Law Associates. ADV Jamila Ali is the Professional Female Lawyer in Lahore & Lawyer in Lahore Pakistan as compare to the Other Lawyers in Lahore & Lawyers in Lahore Pakistan.  Third, the police will urge the suspect to make a statement, but he should not be afraid to insist on his legal right to remain silent even if he reached for a more extended period. For instance, the police may refuse to grant him ‘police bail,’ which may mean that he has to stay in custody overnight and contact lawyers in Pakistan or law firm in Lahore next day.

Make a Deal:

Finally, a suspect should not be tempted to ‘make a deal with the police whereby he makes a statement admitting guilt, in return for the police not bringing a more serious charge, unless he has taken legal advice -as is his right. Verbal’s Following on from the problem of statements to the police is the vexed question of verbals. The word used to describe admissions or incriminating statements that the police falsely allege to have been made by the accused. When the police question, arrest or charge a person, they keep a written record of the events and conversations.


For example, the notebook might read, “When charged, the accused said, “Fair enough, I did it,” ‘but the accused may later deny ever having said those words. Either he is lying. The police have verbal him. The result has been that many criminal trials through lawyers in Pakistan or law firm in Lahore have revolved around whether the accused did make an admission – or whether he was ‘verbal led’ by the police. In effect, there have been mini-trials within the main trials, with police officers being accused of giving false evidence.

Law Firm in Lahore:

The lawyers in Pakistan or law firm in Lahore states that the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 have set about introducing changes that will remove this problem by tape-recording police interviews with suspects. However, the likelihood is that tape-recording will create new problems of its own (though, e.g., the mischievous suspect who shouts out, ‘stop hitting me.’ The fear that defendants will try to use the recording to show a threatening tone in the police officer s voice- as evidence of coercion and oppression; and the doubt about whether defense lawyers be paid for the extra time spent in going through transcripts of the recordings). Being held by the police, we have already seen that you cannot be detained and regulated by the authority unless you have been arrested (unless, of course, you are prepared to help voluntarily by answering questions).

Contact of Lawyers:

 You need not answer any police questions and contact lawyers in Pakistan or law firm in Lahore. Are two fundamental rights given to all suspects? There is another basic right given to people held in detention against their will (i.e., arrested). It is the right not to be held for an unreasonably long time before being charged in writing for a specific offense. In general, a suspect cannot be kept for more than twenty-four hours between being taken to the police station after his arrest and his being charged with a specific offense.

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