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How Much Does Tour Website Development Cost?

How Much Does Tour Website Development Cost?

Website is critical for any business, including travel, tour, or real estate agency. A website helps build customer loyalty, optimizes SEO so your audience can easily find you, and helps you become reliable and authentic. With so many benefits, every business is rushing to create its website. But how much does a tour website development cost? An average website can cost around $3,000 to $300,000, based on the features and functionality you want.

Let’s break down the cost and see how you can develop a budget-friendly and fully functional website.

Tour Website Development Cost Breakdown

Domain and Hosting

The first thing you need to do when developing a tour website involves buying a domain and hosting service. Domain refers to your unique address in your browser’s address bar. It is relatively cheap and can cost around $5 to $15 yearly. You can easily buy a domain from GoDaddy or Bluehost.

In contrast, hosting providers offer storage space and access to websites which are essential for creating a website. There are different types of hosting plans available, such as shared ($2.20 – $22/mo), dedicated ($47 – $500/mo), cloud ($4.50 – $240/mo), and WordPress hosting ($2.95 – $16/mo), each varying in price, functionality, and security.

Number of Web Pages

The number of web pages also affects the overall cost of your website. For instance, the more products and services you have, the more the cost will be. Whether you hire a tour website development agency or a freelancer, they scale their rates by the number of web pages and can estimate anywhere around $1,000 to $10,000.

Design and Functionality

Design and functionality also affect the cost of your tour website development. To develop an e-commerce site where customers can order online and transfer payment, you need to include essential e-commerce elements, such as a customer portal, order fulfillment, multiple delivery options, etc. A basic e-commerce site can cost around $2,000.

Another important feature of websites nowadays is their design responsiveness. Your website should be able to adapt to different screens, such as a laptop, mobile, tablet, iPad, etc., so that your visitors can browse from anywhere, anytime.


While businesses might consider design and functionality costs when developing a tour website, they forget maintenance costs. Maintenance is important to ensure your website is secure and functional and that there are no inconveniences to the visitors. Maintenance involves backing up website data, fixing broken links, and patching CMS and server issues. Depending on your hosting provider and tour website developer, maintenance can cost anywhere from $500 to $12,000 yearly.


Another important tour website development cost involves security. Aside from regular maintenance, you can place specific security measures to protect your customers’ sensitive data and information. For instance, invest in an SSL certificate, which costs around $10 to $1000 monthly.


Tour website development costs can pile up depending on the number of pages, the functionality, and the developer level. Moreover, it depends on whether you are hiring an agency or a freelancer to get the job done. It is essential to list out your requirements and make a decision accordingly. If you have the budget, go for an agency that offers a dedicated website development solution.

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