How a Reputed Pennsylvania Drug Rehab Can Help Your Loved One Battle Meth Addiction

Pennsylvania Drug Rehab

Did you know that methamphetamine was originally used to clear nasal congestion? Today, when we hear of meth, we associate it with a potent stimulant that can lead to addiction.

Methamphetamine addiction happens because of prolonged usage of this stimulant. Amphetamines had been recommended for treating ADHD, narcolepsy, and even for managing obesity. The inhalant must be swallowed, injected, or inhaled. Short-term effects are euphoria, rapid heart rate, a spike in blood pressure, and reduced appetite.

Why should you reach out to a drug rehab in Pennsylvania?

If you or your loved one in Pennsylvania has been experiencing meth addiction symptoms, it is advisable to call a rehab with a hotline for addiction. This ensures timely intervention by the rehab facility so that you can get medical attention right away.
The drug meth is now used illegally as crystal meth. According to the 1970 Controlled Substances Act, meth and stimulants like cocaine and amphetamine were declared as potentially abusive drugs. Records suggest that nearly 2 million Americans above 12 years of age use it every year.

What are symptoms of meth addiction that you should know about?

Like other amphetamines, meth causes appetite loss, talkativeness, increased activity, while inducing a euphoric feeling. Unlike other amphetamines, meth passes into the human brain in much higher amounts. This is why it is potent as a stimulant; when injected or smoked, you can experience the effects very quickly. If an individual takes meth, it elevates dopamine in the brain and makes one feel happy.

The most common meth addiction symptoms are strong meth cravings, difficulty in completing work or studies, quitting hobbies, inability to discontinue meth use, etc. Things can take a turn for the worse when addicts start to use more meth to control their urges. An addict usually starts to display signs like aggressive behavior, dilated pupils, high energy levels, nosebleeds, changes in sleep and diet, fast, slurry speech, etc.

How a drug rehab in Pennsylvania can provide treatment for meth addiction

You need to look for leading drug rehab in Pennsylvania to make sure your loved one gets the right treatment for this addiction. A rehab will offer different treatment options which are customized according to the patient’s needs.

Most people walking into rehab will have to undergo withdrawal through detox. This is the first step once you find a “rehab near me” in Pennsylvania. Withdrawal from stimulants as meth is possibly less dangerous than from alcohol or opioids. But, some patients can experience meth withdrawal seizures.

Symptoms start to fade after a week but this again depends on the individual. Detox is then followed by other therapies to address the cognitive and behavioral issues impacting addiction.

Patients can opt for inpatient or outpatient treatment at the Pennsylvania drug rehab. In inpatient treatment, you can avail of round-the-clock monitoring and supervision. In an outpatient system, you can stay in your house and visit the clinic for your appointments.

Besides medications, behavioral therapy is encouraged for treating this addiction. This may include CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to stop a relapse by making the addict aware of triggers and helping him develop coping skills.
Contingency management introduces motivational incentives to induce positive behavior. When the addict can stay sober, rewards will keep growing. The Matrix Model is also found to be effective for treatment and includes individual therapy, behavioral therapy, family counseling, and support groups.

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