Got a Cheap Hot Tub on Sale? Here is how to Maintain Them

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There is something about hot tubs that gives you the best time of the day. Everybody loves to get some time to spend in a hot tub after a tiring day at work. Well, it’s a bit disappointing to have the hot tub “not” in an excellent working condition. It might be due to irregular and wrong maintenance. If it’s time for you to buy a new one, The Hot Tub SuperStore has cheap hot tubs for sale; you get our point! But it is the right decision to buy a new hot tub only if you have the ideal maintenance schedule for it. 

If you want your good times to continue and your very own favorite hot tub to last long, follow the maintenance tips mentioned below. 

  1. Begin with the outside cover

The hot tubs’ vinyl cover is among the most crucial parts of your wonderful hot tub. It is really important to clean it regularly, or you will end up making the inside of your hot talk dirty. It will also ruin the deterioration of the cover. Would you like to sit in a hot tub with dirty water? Nobody would! 

You can use a sponge, a gentle cleanser, and an oil-free protectant to begin the cleaning. 

  • Spray the cover with water that will wash off the gunk and dirt on the surface.
  • Then rub the sponge gently and start scrubbing the cover until the rough dirt vanishes from the surface.
  • Finally, use the protectant to provide a little extra protection to the cover. 

You’re done! Moving on…

  1. Keeping a consistent schedule

One obvious fact about hot tub maintenance is that it will never stay clean if you do not follow a strict and consistent cleaning schedule. Stick to a plan and adjust it in your daily life. 

You should:

  • Check the cover at least once a day and adjust the water temperature, making sure that there is no damage.
  • Adjust sanitizer levels at least three times a week.
  • Clean the spa filters once a week or every two weeks. 
  • Do a deep cleaning of your cabinet and tab cover once a month.
  • Deeply clean your tub and fully dream it every three months.
  • Cover your tub when not in use. 

Even if you have got hot tub spares, make sure that you are maintaining the current ones properly to enhance their life span. 


  1. Look out for the chemicals you used in the tub

It is significantly crucial to watch out for the chemicals and sanitizers you use in your wonderful hot tub. At the final step, you should check their bromine/chlorine levels, pH levels, pH levels, and alkalinity levels. It will help you determine what you should add to the hot tub and whatnot. 

You do not want your hot water to be gunky or cloudy or filled with germs. So strictly follow these cleaning tips in order to make your hot tub last longer. 
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