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Everything you must know about Spectrum mobile

Spectrum cell phone

In this article, you will understand all you need to know regarding making the switch to Spectrum mobile and using the services of your Internet and cable provider Spectrum for phone services.

Eligibility criteria

Spectrum Mobile is not available to all. You can only avail of the services of Spectrum mobile if you are an existing customer of Spectrum. You also have to sign up for an auto-pay option and meet the credit conditions required for the mobile package. If you qualify, you can add five lines to the mobile plan of Spectrum.

Network coverage

Spectrum mobile is basically a mobile network virtual operator. It has partnered with Verizon to provide its users limited access to the country’s largest LTE network. The 5G network of Spectrum is also operational.

Plans and pricing

Spectrum mobile offers three different data plans for users. These are as follows:

  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited plus
  • by the gig

If you opt for the gig option, you will avail 1 GB of data for $14. Once your data is over, you would have to pay another $14 to avail yourself another one GB of data. If you choose to opt for unlimited, you will pay $45 per month, but you will receive unlimited data levels. If you choose to go for unlimited loss, you will be paying $55 per month. No limit has been placed on how much you can text or talk on any of these three plans.

If you choose to offer unlimited plus, you will be receiving 30 GB of data. In the case of the unlimited plan, once you have consumed 20 GB of the premium data, the upload and download speeds will be reduced for the remainder of your billing cycle. However, you won’t be charged extra to use up all of the additional data.

If you are a modest data user, you should go further Spectrum by the gig plan for mobile. This way, you just pay for the amount of data you use. This plan can also be shared among ten lines. Customers who use multiple lines of connection can easily mix up the data plans to further save money.

Selecting a phone

Spectrum mobile allows the customers to use their own devices. LG, group Excel, Samsung galaxy, Abreu, iPhones can all be used with the service of Spectrum. You can check on Spectrum’s website if your mobile is compatible with their services. Currently, Spectrum cell phone has limited phone models that are available for purchase. These include the following:

  • iPhone 12 from Apple
  • iPhone 11 from Apple
  • iPhone SE from Apple
  • Note 20 5G from Samsung galaxy
  • A51 model from Samsung galaxy

If you do not wish to pay for the equipment in full, you can opt for 0% financing for a period of 24 months.

Mobile Wi-Fi

Spectrum mobile also provides a mobile hotspot to its customers at absolutely no additional cost. However, the data users of the mobile hotspot are subject to the standard data charges. The customers can use the mobile hotspot for up to five GB. After consuming five GB of the mobile data during one billing cycle, the speeds are reduced to 600 Kbps. This is applicable if you are opting for any of the unlimited plans. In such case, the users of the mobile hotspot will be included in the 20 GB monthly data allocation for those users.

The subscribers of the gig model can also utilize the features of mobile hotspots. However, if they do so frequently, they will have a higher cost because they will still use data when accessing mobile hotspots. In the case of the gig consumers, once five GB of data has been consumed in a billing cycle, the hotspot speed is reduced to 256 Kbps.

Video streaming quality

If you prefer to watch videos on your mobile device, you can use the Spectrum of the wireless plan, which offers DVD quality streaming at 40 DP. If you want to watch HD quality videos, you can do so by the use of Wi-Fi.

Customer support structure

Even though the customer service of Spectrum has always been sporty and needs improvement, there are two methods to contact Spectrum mobile. You can either use the toll-free number call them on the number displayed on their website, or you can locate a Spectrum mobile store near your location.

 The primary disadvantage with Spectrum mobile is that it is only available to the existing users of Spectrum. Thus, even if someone has not availed Spectrum services one through four Spectrum mobile, they cannot. Another issue with Spectrum mobile is that if you cancel the Internet services and only keep the mobile services, you will have to pay a much higher amount. It is better if you choose any other mobile service in that case.

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