Electric Dab Rig will dominate the dabbing market in the future

Electric Dab Rig will dominate the dabbing market in the future

Electric Dab Rig is the most certainly recognisable to you if you’ve ever dabbed. This is because they’re becoming more and more common in the THC world as their underlying technology becomes more and more dependable.

You might be thinking of getting one of these electronic dab rigs, commonly referred to as e-rigs, which are beginning to appear more frequently. The real query is: Which electric dab rig is right for you?

To answer that, we’ll need to comprehend how they operate and, more crucially, what features you should search for when making a buy.

1.   How does a electric dab rig work?

The quartz is heated to an unknown temperature when dabbing traditionally using a nail and a torch, which introduces a lot of uncertainty into the process.

Although you could refine it over time and discover which technique suits you best and what intensity to release your torch at, e-rigs have streamlined that process.

2.       Advantages and disadvantages of e-rigs

An e-rig has numerous interesting benefits and drawbacks to consider. You might not, however, find them quite adequate for your purposes, depending on what you intend to use it for.

2.1. Pros

·         The use of a blowtorch is not intrinsically safe in several ways, as we have already mentioned.

·         Quality & accuracy: One of the main reasons people use concentrates is to enjoy the flavour and feel of the high, and in order to accomplish this successfully, one needs to be able to regulate the temperature.

·         Portability and design: Although e-nails and e-rigs are made to make life simpler, great care has also been taken to ensure that they are aesthetically pleasing.

·         Blowtorches lack all air of sophistication.

 2.2. Cons

·         Cost: It’s safe to say that a slick piece of equipment has a price tag, and you might find yourself baulking at the expenditure.

·         Lack of adaptability: Some e-rigs let you enjoy both herbs and concentrates, but others are only appropriate for use with concentrates.

·         E-rigs and e-nails need to be recharged because they run on energy or batteries. It’s only a slight annoyance, but if you forget (or are somewhere without electricity), you could get lost.

3.       E-rig usage is typically user-friendly for beginners

While dab rig electric kits still call for a working knowledge of dab rigs, at least one advantage of these kits is that they feature a built-in system that controls the temperature to prevent dabbing problems like overheating.

Having said that, it can really save you the trouble of keeping an eye on the temperature yourself.

One of the keys selling advantages of an e-rig is its ability to choose precise temperatures. This allows you to dab at different temperatures to release different terpenes and different cannabinoids.

Additionally, careful heating ensures that you won’t burn your dab and eliminate all of its chemical components.

 Electric dabbing rigs are typically more user-friendly for beginners than traditional dabbing rigs because of these factors.

 3.1. Customizable e-rig kits

If you have been dabbing for a while, you may have wondered at some point, “How can I enhance my dabbing experience without spending a ton of money on equipment?”

Customizing your electrical dab rig is one of the most popular ways to address that question, even if there are many possible solutions.

Basically, customizing involves replacing or adding pieces that aren’t typically seen in e-rigs, such e-nails, as well as some of the device’s components, like the coil, atomizer, and heating cups.

4.       Conclusion

Dab rig electric kits may not be the cheapest equipment on the market, but they are unquestionably worth the cost. You can not only get a deal on your purchase, but the e-rig gadget itself has a number of advantages to dabbing rigs.

Even if there are some drawbacks to e-rigs, overall, it’s still a fantastic product.

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