Do celebrities with herpes have an unfair advantage?

Most celebrities that have herpes will hide it from the public, but others will speak out about it and encourage others to get tested as well. This can be an effective way to reach out to the masses and spread awareness, but does having herpes really mean you’re more attractive to potential partners? Or does it give you some sort of advantage over non-celebrities that have it? What do you think? Read on to learn more about celebrities with herpes and find out what their true intentions are when speaking out about their infection.

How celebrities can spread awareness about herpes

For many people, celebrities are what make their worlds go ‘round. With their luxurious lifestyles and jet-setting adventures, it’s easy to see why a lot of people look up to them. But there’s one thing most people don’t realize about celebrity life: some of your favorite stars actually have genital herpes! Although it may seem as though they give off an image of perfection, almost everyone has secrets they want kept under wraps especially celebrities.

The advantages of having celebrity status for someone who has HSV2

People recognize your name and you get invited to cool parties. The disadvantage of having celebrity status for someone who has HSV2: You’re at risk of getting outed as the one who has herpes. Such is life when you’re dating a Hollywood star or walking red carpets as a high-profile personality. We respect and appreciate celebrities who speak up about their health challenges, whether it be cancer, diabetes, depression or another serious medical condition.

Top 4 reasons why people are hesitant to admit they have HSV1 or HSV2

Because I do not want anyone to think I am dirty: Herpes is a virus that can be spread by direct skin-to-skin contact. Just because someone has it, doesn’t mean they are unclean; if anything, they are cleaner than someone who hasn’t had either form of HSV before. If you don’t know whether or not you have it, then you definitely should get tested so you can prevent spreading it to others. You could even tell your partner(s) about your status and see if they would like to get tested as well. If everyone involved knows their status and is being safe about sex, then there shouldn’t be any reason for concern at all!

Famous actors diagnosed with genital herpes

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They have all types of wealth, fame and respect. And also, herpes. Find out if you should be more worried about their STDs than yours. While scientists haven’t found a cure for herpes yet, there are medications that can help manage it and keep outbreaks at bay. These celebrities aren’t letting genital herpes get in their way of living life to its fullest and achieving fame and fortune on top of it all! See celebrities with herpes photos on STDsbyYear here!

Famous people who changed the conversation about STDs

These people are living, breathing proof that talking about STDs and HIV/AIDS isn’t uncool. From superstar wedding ceremony musicians to actors, these famous faces publicly opened up about their status—and educated countless fans and followers along they way. Today, they continue to be advocates for positive sexuality education and safe sex practices in Hollywood. Take note of these stellar examples of how to talk about your STD status; if you’re comfortable talking about it, others will benefit from hearing your perspective.

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