Different Types of Commercial Loan Application Software You Should Know

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When it comes to the banking industry, commercial lending is one of the most imperative and unique aspects.

Far from consumer loans that are underwritten based on the credit score of a potential customer, commercial lending decisions take time. Ask any business owner and they will let you know how both profitability and revenue change rapidly from one year to the next. This is primarily one reason why banks work their level best to monitor the commercial portfolio risks.

Fortunately, technology has managed to take away the burden of handling all the risks. All thanks to the commercial loan application software that has worked wonders for the banks. Keep reading and find out the types of commercial lending software.

Types of commercial loan software

  • Credit Analysis Software: Before a final lending decision is taken by a banking professional, it is imperative for them to conduct sufficient due diligence on someone who is demanding to obtain funds. Even though the procedure of underwriting is over, banks should never stop keeping a track of the creditworthiness of the potential commercial borrower. Therefore, in order to do the same the bank should transfer all the data from the financial statement of the borrower to a format that can simply be examined. Banks frequently leverage credit analysis software to conduct spreads. This way it becomes easy for them to understand the financial situation of a business. It is an undeniable fact that credit analysis software is a vital tool for developing financial rates in the right manner.
  • Exception Management System and Document Tracking: Is it possible to examine something you don’t even have? No, right? Both exception management systems and document tracking streamline the tracking of all the imperative documents that have been missing for a long period of time. As compared to manual ticklers that should be updated by the staff itself, all the tracking systems take pride in streamlining the clearing and creation of exceptions. It is because of automated exceptions that it has become very simple for the banks and lenders to eliminate the risk of manual tracking.
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management Software): Who said that a loan is not more than an exchange of financial capital? There is a very strong relationship between a borrower and a lender. Bank CRM and underwriting software helps reliable commercial lenders in creating an efficient workflow. In addition to providing all the imperative details, a bank CRM helps in finding the data from the core, and provides a clear picture of every borrower. All the risks are taken away so that the customer experience is improved.
  • Document Prep Software: There is no denying the fact that commercial loans consist of so much paperwork. Creating all the documents manually has become an old way. Thanks to all the softwares. The time when a loan application is approved, the document preparation software gets to work and generates all of the important paperwork that is required. Everything till the closing costs is done and the borrower does not have to face any inconvenience.

A lot has been improved after the introduction of commercial and underwriting software systems. Therefore, as a potential borrower, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

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