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Dar ul Aman Lahore for Women

Dar ul Aman Lahore for Women:

 If a women want to go to dar ul aman Lahore through lawyers in Lahore, you may contact Aazad Law Associates. The staff also denigrated the residents as bad women who had left their homes and families. Methodology The study was designed with a mixed-method approach to ensure the highest quality outcomes from both quantitative and qualitative methods. The primary data were collected from the superintendents and women living in dar ul aman Lahore through lawyers in Lahore by interviewing them on schedules.

Data From Residents:

 To gather data from residents of Dar-ul-Aman using the proportionate stratified sampling method was employed for this study to create an accurate sample. The demographic information from Darul Aman in general Darul Aman was obtained from the Directorate of Social Welfare & Bait-ul-Mal, Punjab, and formula was applied in order to select the population.


It was the formula to draw an appropriate sample that was Proportion of sample taken from every Darul Aman (shelter home) The number = The number of people living in every dar ul aman Lahore through lawyers in Lahore (shelter home) n =Sample size “N”= The universe’s population (Rafiq 2006). The sampling size was 500, and the universe was split into nine zones to facilitate the researcher’s convenience. The participants (residents) were chosen, making use of a simple random sampling technique, and the supervisors of the thirty shelters were interviewed.

Lawyer in Lahore:

Regarding the dar ul aman Lahore through lawyers in Lahore the number of qualitative interviews was determined by the saturation of data. After collecting the information from the residents using an interview schedule then, it was examined, verified, and processed by the computer. To give a thorough analysis, researchers offered an analysis that mixed the information gathered through two tools for research (Interview schedules for residents and supervisors) and discovered that the mixed-method approach was useful in generalizing social explanations.


 Results and Discussion The study found that all shelters established through the Department of Social Welfare Women Development and Bait-ul-Mal and dar ul aman Lahore through lawyers in Lahore provided boarding services for all residents. According to a PC-1 Guidelines for Superintendents (2005) and PC-1 Guidelines to Superintendents (2005), residents can remain for as long as the period of three months (90 days); however, the superintendents have stated that residents can stay in shelters for more than three months in the event that her case is pending in court or if she requires shelter. Over three-fourths (89 percent) of respondents were referred to shelters by court orders, and 8.8 percent visited shelters independently. The remainder was identified by a rescue organization as well as by the department of police.


The rescue service also said that the court refers most of the residents. They prefer admitting women who have court orders in order to avoid any problems. Service providers reported the fact that dar ul aman Lahore through lawyers in Lahore is a safe haven where Pakistani women to escape murder by honoring married couples, forced marriages, as well as domestic violence.

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