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Custom Cardboard Boxes

The custom cardboard boxes were created by accident and debuted in Germany in 1817. Nobody understood at the time how a straightforward invention might have such a significant impact on the globe. Despite being invented in Germany, Sir Malcolm Thornhill created the first commercial cardboard box in England in 1817. One of the most frequent items one might see lying around their workplace or house today are custom display boxes. Custom cardboard boxes have spread to every corner of the globe, used for everything from commercial packing to simple storage.

Wholesale cardboard boxes are available in a wide range of dimensions. Bespoke cardboard boxes have become an integral part of our daily lives, whether they are used for retail purposes, specially constructed boxes for personal use, or simply to package commercial goods like soda, chips, milk, chocolate, cigarettes, cereal, and so many other items. You probably didn’t know these custom-printed cardboard box-related intriguing facts before reading this post.

1st Fact about Custom Cardboard Boxes:

The success of the custom cardboard boxes is largely due to their affordability, lightweight, and durability. Corrugated cardboard boxes are the most prevalent kind of boxes we see nowadays. These are the large, mostly square-shaped brown boxes. A corrugated box is heavier and more durable than a standard custom cardboard boxes since it is thicker and designed for certain purposes.

2nd Fact:

The United States is one of the nations that use cardboard boxes the most. 80 per cent of all sold goods in America are packaged in cardboard. In light of this, 80 billion unique corrugated cardboard boxes are used each year in the US. The United States tops the list of nations in terms of cardboard use and consumption just based on these figures.

3rd Fact:

New technology is developed as time goes on to simplify daily life. People may now order unique cardboard boxes according to their specifications. Everything can be made to a customer’s specifications, including any form, size, colour, or design. Custom cardboard boxes are typically utilised for gifts for weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions that call for a more unique touch. Bespoke cardboard packing, which differs from standard cardboard, is used by the majority of high-end brands and businesses. To pique consumers’ curiosity, more than 70% of manufacturers employbespoke boxes.

4th Fact about Custom Cardboard Boxes:

Large multinational chains and organisations use cardboard boxes for almost every element of their production, packaging, and transport, which accounts for a significant amount of the wholesale market’s consumption of cardboard. Every company, including Nike, Kellogg’s, and Ikea, employs cardboard. Additionally, Kellogg’s was the first cereal company to ever put its product in a cardboard box.

While all cereal boxes are composed of cardboard, all Nike shoes are wholesale packaged in cardboard boxes. The major users of cardboard are the electronics and cosmetics industries. All major brands, from a marketing perspective, utilise printed cardboard boxes with their name and emblem on them so that they can be quickly identified during shipping. Everything you can imagine has some connection to cardboard, literally. In spite of this, the global cardboard market is valued more than $4 billion.

5th Fact:

However, cardboard boxes do have some problems, and even though they may be recycled, they still account up 41% of the world’s landfills. Custom cardboard boxes are still one of the materials that are recycled the most globally, despite this. Every year, almost 800 million tonnes of cardboard are discarded in the United States alone.

A benefit of cardboard boxes and packaging is that they are easily recyclable, environmentally friendly, and do not harm the environment when recycled properly and promptly using the appropriate methods and equipment.

6th Fact:

How a corrugated cardboard-only home was constructed in 2004 by an Australian architect is one of the most intriguing cardboard box facts you’ll ever read. Cardboard City used to be a neighbourhood close to Waterloo Station in London, England. From 1983 to 1998, up to 300 homeless individuals lived in cardboard boxes at this location, earning it the name “city.”

7th Fact about Custom Cardboard Boxes:

The introduction of cardboard boxes in bulk has influenced every aspect of existence. Worldwide, cardboard is used to package up to 60% of the packaged foods and drinks that are sold. Do you have any idea how big an IKEA warehouse is? All of the products you can see are sealed and packaged in cardboard. A museum in France named Musee Du Cartonnage et de Imprimerie that is completely dedicated to cardboard packaging is worth visiting if you’re a great admirer of all forms of cardboard, including boxes, custom-made boxes, wholesale cardboard boxes, or the premium printed boxes and bespoke boxes.


In conclusion, cardboard’s advantages vastly exceed its disadvantages. It helps organise life, is readily recyclable, and comes in almost every size and shape. It not only offers all of that, but it also makes our lives more orderly and tidier. The days of storing your belongings away in shopping bags, which would always appear disorganised or sloppy, are long gone.

The effect of materials and goods as basic as cardboard has permeated our lives on every conceivable level, from keeping our food fresh and safe from outside influences to letting kids and dogs play inside empty cardboard boxes. Are you planning to change jobs? You can easily pack up all of your office supplies in cardboard boxes.

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