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Couple Problems After Online Marriage Procedure in Pakistan

Problems After Online Marriage Procedure in Pakistan:

 Advocate Jamila, an expert lawyer for online marriage procedure in Pakistan, says that many problems and issues arise after marriage. It is essential to give yourself and one’s spouse at least fifteen to thirty minutes to unwind when he/she comes home after work. Let them change, shower, and be in a more receptive state of mind before communicating with each other. It is natural to have one’s moods or depressing moments, and sometimes one wants to be left alone to unwind, think, or maybe try to find a solution to a problem after an online marriage procedure in Pakistan.

Right Time & Place:

 It is better to leave that person on his/her own. Being overly concerned might not be appreciated, and it is best to leave them alone at that time. Always pick the right time and place to communicate and get a positive response. Later on, after meals, when one is more relaxed, only then should an intelligent and discreet spouse probe gently or try to help by giving a silent patient hearing but must try his/her best to keep a tight rein on one’s feelings and help in presenting a lighter picture to the spouse when upset about problems. However, after an online marriage procedure in Pakistan, if ‘the problem persists, or when the only solution lies in having to share something unpleasant, then do try to be tactful and soften the blow or at least try to present the issue in a more positive light.

Plight of a Husband:

Imagine the plight of a husband, who comes home after a long and tiring day at the office, and the wife, instead of asking him about his day at the workplace, begins with a tirade of woeful tales. Such a homecoming will not make him receptive to the complaint cell! A few years back, there was less interaction between husband and wife. Husbands were more involved in their jobs, stag parties, hobbies like hunting, golf, etc. Nowadays, there is hardly any time for such pursuits due to rising inflation, work pressures, and financial constraints.

After Online Marriage:

After the online marriage procedure in Pakistan, the family remains at home, and boredom can sometimes give way to fireworks! In those days, people were content and lived life according to their means. There was less rat race to outshine the others, neither were the couples all out for material gains. Husbands came home at fixed hours; wives had some domestic help, more time to put the house right, freshen up and receive their husband with a smile. It was a pleasure to come home to a spic and span house and meet an intelligent, relaxed wife. 


Children used to be on their own, tuitions were rare, and children were made to study independently, and they mostly managed to complete their assignments before the father came home. Mothers would caution the children to be on ‘their best behavior. Nevertheless, there was an aura of awe, expectancy, and joy when the family got together in the evenings. 

Both spouses had breathing space. Both had time to unwind. As a result, wives were relaxed and eager to know how their spouse had spent his time away from home.

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