Corey Shader Points Out Several Smart Strategies to Improve Your Brand Reputation

Corey Shader Points Out Several Smart Strategies to Improve Your Brand Reputation

Brand reputation is key for all businesses, no matter their size, time in operation or industry. Businessman Corey Shader says that it’s vital if you want to enhance loyalty, boost sales and keep customers coming back.

When you improve your brand reputation, you immediately become more attractive to customers, and this will directly result in more sales and profit.

Below are some strategies you can follow to improve your brand reputation.

Be Authentic

Customers today want to do business with brands they can trust. They don’t want to be “sold” products or services; the want to align to a brand that’s true to itself, no matter what that means.

Some businesses can be too “salesy” with their approach to communication, whether that communication be through paid advertising or other marketing campaigns. You can increase your brand reputation by just being authentic to what makes your business tick.

Stand for Something

Likewise, consumers want to feel connected to a brand. They aren’t looking for a transactional relationship, but rather one they can feel good about.

Businesses that stand for something are likely to see an increase in their brand reputation. Communicate what you stand for and stick to it. 

Sharing the emotional aspects of your story and why you do what you do will engender good feelings among your customers. In turn, they will become more loyal to you, purchasing more and spreading the word about your brand.

Don’t Ignore Customer Service

Brand reputation has a few components, and how you treat people after they become your customers is one of the biggest keys. Your efforts to impress people shouldn’t stop the moment they make a purchase. 

You should put in just as much effort to the customer service aspect after they’ve made their purchase as you do to attract them to your business in the first place. The customer experience needs to be well-thought-out and tended to at every step of the journey — from prospect to service to repeat purchase.

Companies that focus heavily on keeping current customers happy are more likely to have better brand reputation than those that don’t. 

Be Honest and Transparent

Living up to your promises is essential to brand reputation. There are times, though, when even the best companies are going to fall short. Sometimes, the cause may have been something within your control, and sometimes, it will be something out of your control.

Either way, it’s essential to be honest and transparent with customers every step of the way. Corey Shader says that if you have fallen short of customer expectations in any way, own up to that mistake. 

Don’t hide behind external forces. Take ownership of the mistake that was made, and do everything you can to correct that mistake as efficiently and effectively as you can.

Customers will appreciate the fact that you’re open, honest and transparent with them. Reasonable customers won’t expect perfection, but they also won’t accept being lied to.

About Corey ShaderCorey Shader’s endeavors span across the nation, consulting for start-ups, and sitting on the board of digital media and senior healthcare agencies. As a consultant, Corey helps young businesses develop sales funnels and maximize profitability. Shader takes pride in challenging others to push themselves to be their very best — he believes in constant self-improvement, inspiring others through sharing his own life experiences.

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