Complete Guide to Pay SDMC Property Tax Online

SDMC Property Tax

Every property or landowner must pay property tax to respective governing municipal bodies. Similarly, SDMC property tax or South Delhi Municipal Corporation collects tax revenues to maintain civic amenities for the South Delhi zone. 

However, if one fails to pay within the deadline, they might have to pay a penalty. To facilitate tax payment, it launched an application for taxpayers to make payments from the comfort of their homes. Take a look at this guide on how you can pay property tax online. 

How to pay property tax online? 

Individuals can pay property tax through the online mode. Underlined below are the steps to pay SDMC property tax: 

 Step 1– Navigate to the official website of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. Then, select your area’s municipal corporation. Read and accept the terms of conditions. Then, select the option, ‘click here to file property tax’ to proceed. 

Step 2– Enter the property ID. This number can be found in their previous tax receipt. They can also provide their property type and names as well to find out the property ID. 

Step 3– Finally, individuals can use their debit, credit or net banking to make online payments.  

Paying property tax online without a property ID 

Individuals paying property tax for the first time must select the option, ‘first time online taxpayer’ option available on the website. Follow these steps to pay property tax without a property ID: 

Step 1– Once an individual clicks the above-mentioned option, they must then choose ‘click here if property tax ID has not been allotted earlier’. 

Step 2- It will then redirect to a page where individuals need to enter the property ownership details such as colony name, address etc. Select ‘I have read and I accept the declaration made above’ and submit it. 

Step 3- Property owners will receive a property ID on their registered mobile number. Then, submit the property ID and check if relevant details have been entered. Complete payment using debit, credit card or net banking. 

Step 4– Select ‘generate challan’ and download the property tax receipt. As mentioned earlier, property tax is proof of ownership. 

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Property tax through the mobile application 

SDMC has also introduced a mobile application through which property owners can pay. One must follow the below-mentioned steps if they wish to pay property tax through the mobile application: 

Step 1– Visit the portal of MCD and download the application. Select the option ‘online services’ and then ‘mobile app’. 

Step 2– Login with your registered mobile number and authenticate your identity with the OTP. 

Step 3– Select ‘Pay Tax’ and choose the financial year and submit. 

Step 4– Complete payment using debit or credit card. Once, it is complete, download the receipt. 

However, to pay it offline, individuals need to visit the ITZ cash counters in South Delhi. Moreover, they must keep the following documents handy while paying property tax: 

  • Property ID
  • Identity proof 
  • Tax statement of property 
  • Past SDMC receipts 

How is property tax calculated? 

The South Delhi Municipal Corporation uses a Unit Area System to calculate SDMC property tax. The formula is outlined below for easier understanding: 

Property tax = Annual value X tax rate

In this formula, the annual value of a property is calculated by multiplying the unit area value per square metre, unit area of occupancy, occupancy factor etc. 

One should note that paying tax on time will remove the possibility of facing penalties. This will help gain credibility as well. These are some crucial factors that a taxpayer must know about SDMC property tax.

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