Can A Cell phone spy app keep a check On My Nanny?

cell phone spy app

I have been struggling in finding a good nanny for my kid. He is a sensitive guy and sometimes needs medical attention as well. So I needed to make sure that I find a good one. But it was a difficult deal since I moved into the new city. In my hometown, I knew people and so things were much easier than in the new city. After a long list of interviews and searches, I found one but had one of the worst experiences of my life.

But thankfully I found a student who had certain diplomas for child care. I was pretty satisfied with everything but still, the last bad experience was not making me feel completely assured. So she told me to use an employee monitoring app. Honestly, it was pretty awkward listening to it from her but I reluctantly asked her about it and she said it is very common here. The parent uses parental control app and an employee monitoring app for the kids and employees respectively. Theoretically, I was hoping she was an employee so a simple cellphone can sort everything out. I liked her idea and did a research of my own. I liked it and here is how a cell phone spy app unburdened me from heavy pressure and made my life easy.

A step-by-step guide of how to use an employee monitoring app for your nanny is as follows.

Buy Her/Him A phone:

The first and basic step for using the employee monitoring feature of the OgyMogy cell phone spy app is that you had to use it on the company-owned phone. You cant just install the app on the personal gadgets of the employees. It is against the policies. So I had to buy her a phone so that as an employer I can keep a check on my employee through the phone. She was obliged to use the phone when she come to work and that’s how I can keep a check on her activities.

Install the App:

Installing the app on that device is the next step. As I bought a cellphone solely for this purpose thus I install the app before handing her over the iPhone. The installations are very simple steps. Just download the app and follow two to three-step to install the app on the target device.

Want To Let Them Know Or Not?

You can let the employee know or not it’s completely your choice. The app though can work in the background in secret.

Track Your Kid Screen Time:

If your kid is using the specific phone to watch youtube or any other activity you can simply track their screen time.OgyMogy cell phone spy app offers a screen recording feature that can help the user to know about the screen activities with timestamp information.

Listen to Them When They are With The Kids:

You can hear your nanny talk on the phone or with your kid through the mic bug feature. The live listening to the surround feature can help you listen to all the surrounding sounds, chats, and discussions.

Watch Them :

Watch your kid when they are with a nanny at any given time as the OgyMogy android spy app lets the user do this. One can remotely use the camera of the target device to catch snaps of the surroundings and the target. It can tell the user a lot about how the target is dealing with the kid and if they are spending time in a safe environment.

Monitor the digital Record:

Through the use of the employee monitoring feature users can know about the digital record of the target. Monitor their social media activities, instant messenger chat app, emails, and more. Make sure they are not sharing your private information or your kid’s snaps online.OgyMogy cell phone spy app allows the user to get into the photo album folder of the target as well. You can know if you are making any inappropriate photos or videos of your kid.

I am slowly adjusting to city life and no doubt the OgyMogy cell phone spy app has helped me a lot. The app offer tons of feature that can assure the parents regarding their kid’s safety. Moreover, you can keep an eye on the nanny as well and keep them under the radar 24/7.

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