Can a career coach help you find your dream job?

Dream Job

On average, we spend at least eight hours of our adult life at work. But only very few people are able to enjoy these eight hours, for the rest of the people, these hours are nothing short of a punishment. However, it does not always have to be this way!

Are you stuck at work?

If you are feeling stuck at your job, you are not alone. Many of us live through soul-sucking jobs, trading our peace for some money. However, considering we spend almost a third of our adult life at work, it is important that we make correct career choices.

Our jobs do not merely have to be about finances but should also be about fulfillment and happiness. Unfortunately, many people end up compromising for the sake of necessity. Others do not know what they want, or where they should be headed, and find themselves unhappy with their jobs. And this is where career coaches come in.

What does a career coach do?

Career coaches are experts who guide people in finding a career path that is suitable for them. They assess people’s personalities, potential and aspirations, and guide them about which path is more suitable for them.

Similarly, career coaches also help people get further in their job. They give people guidelines about which skill sets to invest in so they can improve their job prospects.

How can a career coach help you find your dream job?

Career coaches are not magicians; consulting one would not automatically guarantee you your dream job. Neither are they headhunters who have access to different jobs.

What a career coach essentially does is help you realize what your dream job is based on your talents, aspirations, and skillset, and then helps you devise a route to get there.

So, while the journey is entirely your own, the realization that the career coach brings is especially important in planning that journey.

Some ways that career coaches help you find your dream job include:

Help give clarity

A career coach can help you get clarity on where you will fit better, what strengths you need to play, and what trajectory is best for you.

Help you make a map

It can be very overwhelming to sort out where you are in life, and where you should be headed, especially if the challenge is great. It can then lead to people throwing in the towel.

A career coach, on the other hand, can bridge the gap between the two by helping you devise effective game plans and strategies without you getting overwhelmed.

Help you identify your values

Many times, your job conflicts with your belief system, and this tension has a grave impact on your well-being. A career coach can help you identify your values better and facilitate you in finding a more suitable environment.

Word of caution

It is important to differentiate between the roles that a career coach can and cannot play. While they can give you advice on how to manage and progress your career, they cannot address your mental health issues getting in the way of your success. Thus, it is important to understand the limitations of career coaching, lest you go in with the wrong mindset and come out disappointed. Therefore you can try out places like to get certified career coaches as well as mental health specialists to get the right kind of help you need.

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