Best place to visit in the USA

Best place to visit in the USA

The USA is so huge and there are so many cities that you can visit. So where should you head to this summer? Listed below are some cities you must visit if you’re heading out of the US.

Atlanta, Georgia

Yes, even though the city isn’t the only thing there is to see in Atlanta, the city is so varied in its landscapes, it’s truly fascinating. From miles of skyscrapers and stadiums to quaint farms, this city has a little bit of everything. While this is one of the most populated cities in the United States, it’s also one of the cleanest and safest, as there are no homicides or deaths reported from the place. Not to mention, it has fantastic golf courses and hiking trails that you can explore. It has been dubbed one of the best cities for art, which includes modern art museums and pieces from all over the world.
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Chicago, Illinois

Another one of the most visited cities in the United States is Chicago, the heart of the nation. With its millions of people and four million plus miles of restaurants, galleries and museums, it really has it all. This city is so diverse that it is also a nice place for a family to visit, while also being fun for the teenagers of the city. With attractions such as the water park, Six Flags, the museums and shopping areas, there is always something to do. You can visit as many museums as you want or even enjoy some baseball with a few friends.

San Francisco, California

This city is known for its beauty, as well as the Bay Area and Northern California. This is a great destination for history buffs, with the many museums you can visit, such as the De Young museum and the Russian Tea Room. Another way to visit this place is by heading to Ocean Beach and explore the coastline as well as the cliffside. From Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz, this city has it all. Also, be sure to head to Haight-Ashbury for the hippies or check out the beautiful redwood trees of Muir Woods.

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