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Apply these 7 Tips to Keep your Laptop Battery Running Last Longer

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Everyone wants their laptop battery to run for a long time. However, with time the battery loses its lifespan. These tips will help your laptop battery to run for a more extended period.

If you wish to make your laptop battery run for a longer period, you are not alone. If you have an HP laptop, you may not face the laptop battery dilemma easily. Yet, there are some steps following which will expand battery running time. Given below is a list of steps to make a laptop battery last for a longer time. 

One – Battery Saver Mode

Most laptop users don’t activate this mode. However, battery saver mode can work like a wonder when it comes to saving battery life. If you want to use your laptop for a longer period, this is the mode to activate. When you work on battery saver mode, you may face some operational hindrances. However, if you are not using your laptop for gaming or video editing purposes, this mode will work just fine for you. 

To enjoy long battery life, you can use HP 14s-DQ2101TU Laptop. It comes with an Intel Core i3 processor. This 8GB RAM laptop offers high-class operation and high durability. In addition, its sleek design and outstanding performance make it popular among laptop users. 

Two – Unplugging Unused External Drives

To expand laptop battery lifespan, it is essential to unplug any peripherals which you are not using. Any external drive attached to the laptop will drain its battery life faster. While the cable attached to your laptop transfers data, it consumes the power of the laptop as well. For this reason, to prevent power draining, be sure to unplug drives and webcams. There is no point in putting additional pressure on your laptop’s battery.

Three – Plugging Before The Battery Dies

It is a bad practice to plug in the charger after the battery dies. Most laptop users wait till the battery goes below 20%. It puts additional strain on the battery. Therefore, make sure to plug in the charger when your laptop reaches 25%. This practice expands the laptop battery life. Remember that using a laptop with a low battery not only drains its power and reduces battery longevity. 

Four – Paying Attention To The Surrounding

Many laptop users don’t know that extreme temperature conditions make laptop batteries work extra hard. This extra mileage drains the battery quicker. Therefore, if you expose your laptop to extreme temperature conditions for too long, the battery may get damaged as well. Due to this – you should not expose your laptop to the surroundings where the temperature is too hot or too cold. 

Five – RAM & Its Capacity

Those who want their laptop battery to run for a long time can opt for higher battery RAM. Enough RAM space puts low strain on the battery. This way, your laptop battery will not have to work extra hard. An 8GB RAM laptop will be the best pick for better battery performance.   

HP 15 Thin & Light 15.6″ comes with an 8GB RAM. This HP laptop has gained popularity because of its high-class performance. Those who use their laptop for video editing or gaming purposes will find this machine a great pick. Its Intel Core i5 processor ensures that users get a longer battery life and seamless performance. Sleek design and lightweight make it a perfect selection for people who travel around with their laptops. Because of its large RAM space, it offers uninterrupted operation.

Six – Unplugging Laptop When Not In Use

If you have the habit of keeping your laptop plugged in all the time, you should immediately change this habit. Studies have shown that constant plugging decreases the battery lifespan. Therefore, you don’t have to keep your laptop fully charged all the time. Some HP laptops come with a smart charging mode. This mode prevents putting strain on the laptop batteries. In case you possess a laptop with a smart charging mode, you can keep it plugged. 

Seven – Turning Down Screen Brightness

Super bright laptop screens are not healthy for eyesight. It does not extend the battery life either. If anything, bright screens drain out the laptop battery quickly. Due to this reason, turning down the screen brightness will not only save your eyesight but will also expand the battery running time as well.

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Lastly, there are other ways to prevent frequent charging. However, the seven tips mentioned here are the easiest ones to follow. If you want your laptop to offer uninterrupted operation, you should follow these steps. In addition to this, make sure to purchase a laptop with large battery RAM. 

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