App Like Gojek Clone: 5 Benefits of Launching this Stellar App

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An app like Gojek Clone is fully capable of allowing users to book multiple services from a single platform. This ‘inspired’ version of the Indonesian Gojek App can do everything from facilitating 82+ services to providing a flawless customer experience. The list of benefits doesn’t end here. 

Let’s talk about a Gojek Clone app and how it can help you to become a successful business in this competitive market. 

gojek clone app

5 Benefits of the Gojek Clone App 

Entrepreneurs who want to launch an on-demand app similar to Gojek, let me tell you that with this decision, you are signing up for several benefits. In this blog, we are only exploring the top 5 advantages. 

Saves ample app development time 

The on-demand multi-service app is a pre-built solution. This means that it has the capability to save a lot of time. Entrepreneurs no longer have to sit and wait around for half a decade to develop the app. 

With a pre-built app like Gojek Clone solution, entrepreneurs omit the need to spend their time on rectifying development mistakes, racing to meet deadlines, and other such activities. They only need to purchase the clone app script package and leave development responsibilities on the white-labeling expert’s shoulders. 

Saves a lot of money 

Although entrepreneurs need to purchase the clone app script the amount is comparatively more affordable than developing the app from scratch. Entrepreneurs can save a lot of money  because they don’t have to spend on: 

  • Buying or renting office space. 
  • Hiring and retaining dedicated employees like marketers, iOS & Android developers, Quality Assurance Experts, Content Writers, etc. 
  • Providing monthly salaries to employees along with incentives, festive bonuses, and so on. 
  • They don’t have to purchase expensive software licenses, electronic gadgets, and so on.  

They can be white-labeled

The Gojek Clone App can be white-labeled to an extent that nobody will ever come to know that it is a pre-built solution. The team of white-labeling experts will change the color theme of the app like Gojek Clone, integrate the company’s name and logo, and customize the app with services, features, and payment gateway of the entrepreneur’s choice. 

Moreover, if you get the clone app script from well-established and globally-recognized white-labeling experts, you get the assurance of receiving a quality product. 

Make more money with every service booking 

By launching this impeccably-built Gojek Clone app, you will attract more and more customers while also receiving repeat orders from existing ones. This means that your sales will shoot up. Besides, because of this app’s profit-centric business model, you will earn a commission on every single service booked through the app. 

Moreover, you can set different commission rates for various services. For example, earn a 10% commission from every parcel delivery service and a 12% commission from every video consultation with a doctor service.  

Additional income source (besides profits) 

If you are launching an app like Gojek Clone, you will be able to make additional money apart from the profits because of the monetization models. Through this app, you can make money from three different sources: 

  • In-app advertisements: where you can choose to integrate third-party Facebook or Google Ads and get paid per click. 
  • Cancelation fee: an extra fee charged from customers for canceling service at the last moment. 
  • Surcharge: it is the extra fee charged to customers for booking service during peak times like rush hours, night time, holidays, etc. 

Final Words:

On the whole, if you purchase and launch an app like Gojek Clone, you will become successful and wealthy in no time! So, if you want to launch a stellar app that offers 82+ services to your customers and delivers 100% satisfaction, take the right decision today and place your order for app development ASAP!

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