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7 Ethical Ways to Bury Your Competitor’s SEO

7 Ethical Ways to Bury Your Competitor's SEO

Anyone serious about their sport understands the importance of studying the games of their rivals to get insight into their tactics and movements. To win in SEO, you need to know precisely what your competitors are doing at any given moment to keep up with them.

As a result, many SEO specialists are obliged to operate under the company’s assumption rather than battling their genuine SEO rivals for organic search traffic. Professionals are often worried about the rival brand’s SEO approach. That’s not the way to score a touchdown. It is essential to remember seven things to know when and how to zig and zag.

1. Observe What Your Rivals Are Searching For On The Internet

These are among the most cunning techniques to gain an advantage over your rivals. Consider the term “walnut tables” as an example of a focus keyword. When analyzing a term, it’s a good idea to compare it to what the rivals use. You can find out what other websites are using in terms of specific keywords.

After that, you will be able to put those keywords to good use. Enter your competitor’s URL into Ubersuggest and click “Search.” A lot of information is shown here, but the most important thing is to locate popular search terms relevant to your query, such as “walnut tables.”

Utilizing the data, you can see what terms your rivals are using, how successful those phrases are, and how many inbound links they are bringing in from other keywords. To make things even better, you may save this data by selecting “Export to CSV” on the results page.

2. Make The Most Of Local SEO’s Potential

Everyone forgets about local SEO. All the time and effort that most firms I’ve spoken with put into ranking better for global keywords are wasted. Local SEO may seem weak at first glance, but it isn’t, and I’ll explain why. For some reason, the only results you receive when searching for “plumbing” are all from your immediate area.

That is because they implemented local search engine optimization (SEO). The most important thing to learn about local SEO is an abbreviation called NAP. It’s nothing to do about couch surfing. The name, address, and location of your company are all included in the symbol.

Google My Businesses (GMB) and critical sections of your site, such as the homepage and contact page, should consist of your NAP. If you employ SEO Services Sydney and Competitor X doesn’t, your site will appear first in the search results for folks in your immediate area. That’s the main benefit of this approach.

3. Pass On The URL Of Your Website To Others

You can go a ways away with recommendations. It’s possible to use a suggestion as a kind of SEO protection. Imagine what this might be like. For this example, let’s suppose you’re a hoodie retailer. Customer X is on the lookout for a website that offers high-quality hoodies for purchase. Which of your rivals is most likely to get the attention of Customer X? It might be high or low, but it is certainly not 100%.

That is to say; you cannot assume that Client X will discover your website.d another way; however, let’s say that Customer X writes a post on Quora regarding the same topic. Customer X will surely visit your site if you publish a personal answer.

Of course, you can’t just promote your website. Adding value to your response is essential to your success. Personal stories about your company are also a possibility. Leave more than a one-sentence response and a website link. Make every effort to assist the individual who has inquired of you. Quora isn’t the only option. Reddit, Yelp, and others may be used to answer people’s queries.

4. Correct The Names Of Your Rivals’ Companies

To provide the best possible user experience, Google aims to be as precise as possible. A person out there isn’t thinking about it—your rivals.

To improve their search engine rankings, many companies use Google My Business. It’s deceptive and, to be honest, reasonably dubious. A company may utilize keyword stuffing to take advantage of Google My Business. Irresponsible use of the term “IRS Tax Attorney Expert.”

Whether you’re wondering if a firm is keyword-stuffing, you can quickly double-check by visiting their website and searching for their legitimate company name. This is common at the bottom of the page or on a contract or legal page. Official company names range significantly from those listed on Google.

How much attention is your company getting? In addition, how often do individuals bring up your rivals in conversation? It’s a good idea to ask yourself these questions since they may help you improve your SEO. If your site is popular, it will rank higher in the search results. In contrast, the more popular their rivals are, the more likely they appear at the top of search results. That’s because Google factors in a page’s popularity when determining its ranking.

Link popularity was shown on the graph, as shown. Google uses links to identify which websites are popular. So, if you want to improve your ranking on Google, you need to have a strong backlink strategy.

Your site will increase in the search engine results pages (SERPs) while your rivals fall. Obtaining backlinks from sites with high Domain Authority ratings can help boost the effectiveness of this method.

6. Correct The Addresses Of Your Rivals

There are several ways to leverage GMB, including this one. The final statement delivers a great deal of essential information in only eleven words. You may report your competition if they employ a PO Box or even a virtual office. In terms of identifying whether or not an organization has a PO Box, it’s relatively straightforward. Double-checking the address is the best option. In other cases, such as this one, the company’s physical location is advertised as part of a virtual office complex.

7. Find Keywords That Are Not Obvious To The Naked Eye

Keyword stuffing is a variant of this, but it’s much more deceiving and needs its section. You can easily see keywords on a page, as in the example above. However, it may also be obscured. Even if a facility seems to be in excellent condition from the outside, it may hide some dark secrets behind it.


Because of this, some people may be concerned that these methods still fall within the lousy SEO umbrella. That’s what makes these tactics so effective. They all provide you with unfavorable SEO impacts without all the harmful implications. 

In reality, by using these strategies, you are assisting users and Google in their quest to provide the excellent possible user experience. If you’re looking for an accurate answer, you’ll want a search engine to deliver it. You enhance your search engine rankings when you find out who is cheating.

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