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6 ways to build amazing website templates

6 ways to build amazing website templates

Templates play the key roles in attracting us to a particular website and in turn increase the traffic and SEO optimization of the site. Furthermore, the templates should be chosen according to the type of brand that is intended to be launched.

Many places usually hire people who are good at making templates of any websites. These are one of the main tasks of front end wordpress developer or back end wordpress developer who specialize in template designing.

Although there are many ways that you can design templates, each website has its own way and varieties of designing the templates.

Now we will look at the top five easier ways to design any template for your stunning webpages:

  • Understand the difference of a website and a template. A website is only designed for a particular group of audience and is used once. On the other hand, templates are used for a huge number of audiences and are multipurpose. Knowing the differences will help you in choosing the right type of template that will attract more people to your webpage.
  • Think about the kind of template that you are imagining for your webpage. Do not add more than three colors as too much color can cause distraction which many people do not like. Also, make sure that you do not use more than three different font styles (One is best) for your pages.
  • Select a template design. You can either choose a blank template or with an images and text displays. Consider the following things when you are designing a template: Header, navigation style, site vertical, purpose, page numbers, features and widgets and the color schemes. These things are the main components of any template design.
  • Give a meaningful name to your template that will help everyone in your team to understand easily. You can also change the name of your template anytime of you are willing to do so. From this point onwards, you will be designing in a template mode and anyone who intends to work with templates can use your design as their base to start.
  • See that whether the desktop versions needs any change for you to use and transfer them to tablet and finally to mobile versions. The components that can be customized on the existing templates are header, navigation menu, font size, padding, margin spaces, photo layout, popup size and the site background colors and images.
  • Finally, design the templates carefully and add the images, fonts and the other sections. Make sure that you design the homepage carefully so that the people feel interested to know more about your business and the products that you are selling.

In conclusion, templates are the main structure of any pages, be it public or private. Furthermore, they also contribute to the appealing look of the page and it enhances the intriguing features of the webpage that you are intending to launch.

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