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6 Ways How Bloggers Are Making Money?

6 Ways How Bloggers Are Making Money?


Many bloggers are starting to make revenue by giving the services through their blogs. When their traffic levels or engagement rate is not high at that time, they approach people to engage in their services. For those who are just beginners in digital media, the easiest way to earn money is blogging.

The key method of earning money by blogging is that once you are able to build your reputation, you can include google ads, affiliate marketing, and sponsored posts to accelerate your income. Actually, the bloggers who are getting success after that widen the network to monetize more with their blogs.

Below, I have jotted down the 6 feasible ways by which bloggers nowadays are making money. 

6 Ways That Bloggers Are Making Money

If you are new like many others to the blogging site, you will be wondering or unable to find the knot from where to begin. Below I have narrowed down 6 side hustle ideas to make money by blogging.

  1. You Will Be Paid By Sponsored Post:

If you are popular enough, then brands or advertisers will automatically reach out to you to promote their brand. Atleast your daily blog post website has a 1000 to 10,000 trafficking rate, so you will be offered by many brands and companies to sponsor the post. Whether you are blogging the latest products for the new couple or sharing the market, you can get offers from brands to create sponsored posts on your blogging site. 

By sponsoring a post, you will earn up to 50,000 to 1 lac per month. Many bloggers nowadays find out their income source by posting blogs. You can showcase your interest in promoting other brands or sponsored posts by mentioning the available pricing list on your website and on your contact page. You, as a beginner, outreach at the local businesses and ask them if they are interested in advertising (Facebook ads) their brand on your site. Make sure before sponsoring you have much traffic and followers at your blogging site, so at least your sponsored partner will not loss. 

  • Drop shipping Is One Of The Ways:

Did you not find the method of earning money by blogging? Then drop shipping is the one way to earn money by weblogging. You can add an online store to your blog page, and it will change your life. The key method of drop shipping is you have to list down the relevant and desired thing of customers according to your blog’s niche. 

If you are a fashion blogger, then your motivation is to find the trending fashion for men and women. Or else, if you are a beauty blogger, then you have to store the cosmetics item on your eCommerce site. Atleast people will visit your profile if you are offering something different than others.  The magic of dropshipping is you don’t have to buy the bulk products; rather you have to purchase what you have sold. 

Plus, you can start selling the products worldwide without stocking them in your store. Also, if you want to make your dropshipping more interesting, you can include gift wrapping, promo code, product finds, etc., features. Social media platforms are the best for dropshipping. 

  • Affiliate Marketing Is A Common Way:

To earn money, the most common way for bloggers is affiliate marketing. Once you are accepted as an affiliate marketer, you will start earning each time you click your link by someone. For example, the 10 best Flipkart products for your birthday party or the 10 best eCommerce websites. You can mention those links in your write-up so that readers will feel like they have many options to buy.

The real fact of affiliate marketing is that you will be paid commissions and prices that are beyond your control. You will never make money like an online store marketer who has a rich set of his /her own costs. Social media marketing is one of the strategies of affiliate marketing. 

  • You Can Be A Freelance Writer:

Sometimes blogging is not the way of earning passive income. Such bloggers do their business by writing context for other brands and enterprises. You, as a freelance writer, can show off your write-up or portfolio to new clients. In this case, content, your written blogs may be your expertise area or what content you had written for other clients are the navigation to hire you as a freelance writer. 

If you have lists of clients who have hired you or you have composed articles that you had written for clients will help you in the future and also open new paths and opportunities with ease to become a freelance writer. It is the best income source for you as a blogger.

  • The Brand Partnership Is A Rich Opportunity:

You can also make money through brand partnerships. Some may compensate you or directly offer you an affiliate link that elevates you to reach a greater audience and gain more visibility and new scopes. When you are able to describe a good marketing funnel, then there is 90% guaranteed for brand partnerships.

When it is all about brand partnerships, the effort will give from your end while you are starting. Never step back to widen your network with other bloggers in your domain because, at the end of the day, you have to find more opportunities that will reach you a better future for tomorrow. You can also reach out to the brands by yourself to let them know that you have existing customers so that they can offer opportunities that they may have to them. 

  • Offer Online Courses:

It is another way to make money by creating and marketing online courses. If you are interested in making money by blogging, but you don’t have much interest in writing, then this is the alternative way to make money. Actually, it is part of digital marketing.

You can choose any platform to sell your online courses, like Udemy, or Coursera, where you can host and gain potential access for new buyers and also restrict some terms and conditions of your service. 


So, I hope your doubts about how one can make money by blogging are clear now. There are thousands of ways to earn capital, but the above-mentioned ways are key techniques that will work easily and quickly for you.

You can experiment with those ideas; you will get chances to turn your blog sites into a money machine. It is time for you to revolve your passion into a profession. 

Till then, stay tuned

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